Research Question

determine if engaged employees are better performers

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paper presents a proposal for the study demonstrating whether employees who
report higher work engagement are also higher performers; the proposal outline
is as follows. The literature review of work engagement and its antecedents and
consequences is provided. A hypothesis is presented reflecting a testable
version of the research question. Data collection methods and analysis are also
addressed in the study.

 Work Engagement

engagement is the harnessing of organization members’ selves to their work
roles according to Kahn (1990); in engagement, people employ and express
themselves physically and emotionally, during role performances. Kahn (1990)
explains engagement as being psychologically as well as physically present when
occupying and performing an organizational role. The emotional aspect is how
employees feel about the beliefs of the organization and its leaders and
whether these factors affect them positively or negatively. The physical aspect
concerns the physical energies exerted by the individual to accomplish their
roles.Baumruk (2004), Shaw (2005) define employee work engagement as an
emotional and intellectual commitment to the organization. It is also defined
as a passion for work by Trust et al. (2006).It could also be argued that work
engagement is not merely an attitude but the degree to which an individual is
attentive to their work and absorbed in the performance of their roles Saks
(2006). An organization that rewards its employees better will get higher
performance from the employees. Those who benefit more will tend to be more
committed to the organization and therefore increasing their performance. Kahn
(1990) also explains that employees feel obliged to bring themselves more into
role performance as repayment for the resources they receive from the
organization. The more an employee is involved in performing an organizational
role, the more that individually performs regarding organizational achievement.

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