response to corruption in policing,
as well as to address police function and service in the areas of fairness,
justice, and rightness and wrongness in the performance of duty.

Doing the right thing in policing means doing
your duty, doing what you are obligated to do. Those who serve as Police
Officers must be held to a higher moral standard than the general public
(Delattre 1996) and have a moral, ethical and a legal duty to do so. Given the
significance of police discretion for the allocation of justice it is crucial
to understand what determines routine choices officers make. Part of the answer
is to be in an understanding of the ethical beliefs and moral values that
officers hold towards their job, the law and the events and people they
confront on the street, Utilitarianism is a concept linked to the theory of
ethics which is often used to provide answers to basic questions such as how to
live or what to do. Utilitarianism holds that that action which is morally
correct is the one which produces the greatest good for the greatest number of
people. In its simplest form, utilitarianism states that in any situation where
there is a moral choice, the right thing to do is that which is likely to
produce the greatest happiness for the greatest number of people or the least
harm to the world as a whole. Therefore, everyone ought to obey the laws that
ensure the balance between the good for the individual and for the society as a
whole (Rhodes, 1986; Clark, 2000).Kant, when speaking of duty, refers to the
“categorical imperative” – a command that tells us what we ought to do, or
should do. Morality involves both fairness and equity. A similar common
perspective of morality exists in our society and proposes that one “do unto
others only as you would have them do unto you” (the Golden Rule). According to
Taoism, moral reasoning is the product of the mind that draws distinctions between
what is right and wrong, good and bad, just and unjust. Police officers are
expected to be “autonomous moral agents,” persons who can make moral decisions
on the basis of personal values (ethics), independent of what other people may
believe. Through training they are expected to hold those values to be universally
true of their

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