Risk is one of most misunderstood and important part in our life. Most of time, when think risk or talk about risk-taking, it is immediately frowned upon. People associate risk taker with delinquents who break rules. The dictionary definition of risk-taker is “person who is willing to do things that involve risk in order to achieve a goal”. The risk taker is simply someone who is willing to go extra length to achieve their goals. Rather than frowning upon them, why not we think it as something that is necessary in life. After all, taking risks is an rather inevitable part of life. We won’t be where we are without taking risk. We take risks everyday and basically every moment of our life. When we were infants learning how to walk. We had to take risk on whether that we will fall on our butt or finally walk for first time. We won’t ever walk if we were afraid to take risks and get out of our comfort zone of crawling. We even take risks as adult, we take risk to get up and drive to work, where we could get in car accident on the way or arrive safely and make some money. Or even in school when we are in test, we take risks to pick certain answer over others, we could get right answers and pass the test or wrong answers and fail the test. The risk-taking behaviors give us opportunity to achieve our goals and earn experience and wisdom when we fail. We need to learn to embrace that essential component of our lives.With this in mind, taking risks is an rather inevitable part of life. The most important thing we can take away from taking risk is that without risk-taking, we never know what could happen when we take risks. Every risk we take has an positive or negative effect that on our life. Despite the fact we seem to be playing with fire when we take risks, it is still important to take risks. We are who we are mainly because of our choices. After all, we will never know where it could take us without even trying.

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