education system as a whole in India is in pretty shamble state and is
struggling to provide youth with an adequate quality education. In the era
where the social system is changed from joint family to nuclear family, the
role of parents has become more significant and important. The teachers, school
and colleges clearly can’t do it all on their own to make the students a
successful human being. Research has demonstrates that parent involvement does
help students significantly. When parents are involved in their children’s
education, their children perform better academically and socially. As also
well said by Guru Chanakya that one should keep a good eye on the activities of
children and become a good friend when they become adolescent. Parental
encouragement and support in the learning activities at home along with
parent’s involvement in school/college is critical to student’s education. The college of computer science and applications of IIMT University, Meerut is rated among
the best colleges in Delhi-NCR for MCA is
having a continuous interaction with the parents of the students.

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we know that the parents are the first and continuing educators of their
children. Research also shows that teaching quality, education standards,
management and training of an education system also increases when there is a
continuous involvement of parents. Parents should take interest in selecting
the college of their children’s and oversee as well as assist them in
completing their studies. Parents should take interest in children’s progress;
by meeting the teachers, his progress in studies, his behaviors, his
attendance, and his teacher’s opinion about him, more they know about their
child in his life away from home, the better they will be able to help him
adjust to that life. Parents should become a very good friends of their
children’s so as they should be able to tell about their aspirations, career
choice, fear if any, problems faced in college, any abuse etc. Parents should
be the leading inspiration source so that the children’s should come out with
the ideas and innovation in their mind. The parents can motivate their
children’s to opt for outdoor games, as games are having a motivating impact
not only on studies but also on the overall personality.  The parents have very good experience of
life; they can motivate and inspire their children’s whenever they are not
doing well in their personal and professional life. The
college of computer science and applications of IIMT University, Meerut is rated among the best colleges in Delhi-NCR for MCA have parent teacher
meeting along with students so that students can open their mind and if there
are some issues regarding teaching, sports, administrative and any other that
should be taken care immediately.  

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