The climax of this story is when everyone is helping o put out the fire; black or white, they all worked as one without hate or dislike. This would also be considered the resolution because the prejudice is gone for a moment. The falling action is when the fire is out and everyone goes home. There are several themes of Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry. One of them could be best described as when someone feels that all is bad, he can still have the pride of his family and friends. Courage comes only to those who earn it could be another theme. The last theme involves the difficult situation life presents and a need to stand tall.

This book, I think, was well written to let people see things through a child’s eyes and experience their innocence and disbelief in the cruelties of life brought in by racism and prejudice. The lesson I learned in reading Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry is that when people are found to be tough they can be; especially a child. Sometimes they come out stronger that the adult in one of life’s crises. Whereas roll of thunder hear my cry is set in the 1930’s in Mississippi the son’s veto takes place in the 1800’s in the deep suburbia of London, the title says it all the sons veto or the son’s rejection.

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The setting of London’s suburbia has a detrimental effect on the story because “there are worlds within worlds in the suburbs” and it has a complex social and class-based society. The story is told to us by a narrator who does not take part in the story and is merely an onlooker, this gives the writer the freedom to move around and tell us parts of the story which certain characters are not in. The main vehicle of prejudice is inside the family and mostly social prejudice, the protagonist in the story is Randolph antagonist in the story is Sophy there is no real other prejudice in the story.

I think that the son does not notice that he is of his mothers blood so he does not care about the way that he treats her and also finds it amusing to publicly correct and embarrass her by correcting her on a grammatical error which nobody would of said anything about unless he had said “has dear mother not have” which was “almost harsh” and then followed up with “Surely you should know that by this time! ” the mother fears her son and is afraid of retaliating in any way or even disciplining the boy. Some of the minor parts in the story are Mr Twycott and Sam.

Mr Twycott is Sophys new found love at the start of the chronological story, he happens to be an aristocrat who had vast wealth and a high social standing. Sam is a close friend of the once milkmaid Sophy who she talked to about everything and persuaded Sophy to do what she thinks is best. The story is set out in an excellent style because it tells us the current predicament that she is in at the moment and then tells us how she became placed in that predicament this is a difficult style to write in but it may become easier to a more advanced writer because he can choose the ending to the story before he has actually written the story.

There is no real major accomplishment in this story unlike roll of thunder when there is an actual climax to the story, the only reel thing the story has is a moral to it which I think is no matter how nice you are to your own children they always think that they are better than you even if they would not even be there without you, They are also ungrateful. Randolph is an arrogant, self-centred, spoilt schoolboy who has never been challenged in his life so he thinks that he is the dominant person in the group so he will continue to act like this until he is challenged.

I think Sophy needs to stand up for herself and not be bullied into the easy road out which is acceptance she should be the one who challenges his authority. Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Mildred Taylor section.

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