Among the many third world countries, Romania is one of the most underdeveloped, lacking an adequate infrastructure, as well as most of the modern technological advances that the United States takes for granted. In a recent New York Times article, Romania was called the "Basket Case" of The Balkans. The economy is in constant fluctuation and it seems that the country is in an everlasting hardship.Romania is located in Eastern Europe and borders Bulgaria to the South, Serbia and Hungary to the west, the Ukraine to the north and Moldovia to the east. The country has an area of 237,500 km (roughly 91,800 square miles.) and a climate similar to the central United States. It is about the size of Oregon. Even though the country has many economic problems, the land is by far the most beautiful that I have ever seen. The country has several major forms of landscape. The Carpathian Mountains, which have a maximum height of 2,535 meters of 8,300 feet, cross the country from the north to the southwest. To the west of the Carpathian Mountains lies a large plateau and to the south and the east, there are extended low plains fit for agriculture. One of the most important rivers in Europe flows through Romania. The Danube forms the southern border with Bulgaria and empties
into the Black Sea where it forms the spectacular Danube Delta.The rest of the land is made up of low rolling hills and a soft, plush prairie that is not ruined by modern cities and factories. Most of the country has been left alone and is a state of unspoiled wideness.
Historically the country has three regions. West of the mountains lies Translyvania. Secondly, are the south plains called Wallachia. Lastly, the northeastern area called Moldova. Perhaps the most famous of the three, in terms of cultural history, is Transylvania. It has been used in many legends, including one of the most famous in Romanian history, the story of Dracula. Although many think that …

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