Like around the world today, in the past of Europe there were many religious wars and struggles for power.It was a time for monarchy and parliament to rule the land, also, a time for conquering and civil wars.These things that occurred in the past made America what it is today.
The Spaniards had many different rulers to live under.One of them was Isabella and Ferdinand.These people unified Spain by reducing noble power and gaining the support of the Church.They got rid of all religious opponents by the use of genocide.Another important ruler of Spain was Charles V.This ruler had a huge empire due to his inheritances.He gained Austria, Bohemia, and the Netherlands.These rulers paid the price for their unification of Spain.They drove out most of the prominent and educated people in Spain, just because they happened to be Muslim or Jew. This made Spain fall because they needed their money.They also failed to trade and industrialize because they society frowned upon that.
Another nation that failed to be successful was Hungary.The Mongols constantly invaded them.Soon, half of the population was killed in war.They made progress but yet the Ottoman Turks crushed them again.Poland was a nation that failed to become independent also.Their influence was weak and they were partitioned by Russia, Prussia, and Austria.
Russia was a nation made successful due to the efforts by Peter and Catherine the Great.They westernized the nation of Russia by building better seaports, making a better navy, and expanded Russian territory.Catherine the Great won control of the Black Sea of the Northern Shore because of a war with the Ottoman Turks.It was a surprise that she won this battle, but she did it because she was a wise ruler.
The power struggle in Europe began because of extravagant rulers.These people believed in divine rule, meaning that God gave them the authority to rule.Like Peter and Catheri…

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