Samantha Eckert          World History IWomen in History Many men have taken the roles of being leaders and taking charge. Queen Victoria showed that it was not just men that could take charge and make big changes. Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland made huge improvements and impacts during her time in control. She made many advances and decisions to better her people and the country. Born May 24, 1819, Alexandrina Victoria was born at Kensington Palace. Little did she know, in eighteen soon years her life would change dramatically by becoming Queen of her country. She grew up with her brother and sister. Young princess Victoria also kept a diary which she frequently wrote in. In her teenage years she spent some time with her parents finding a possible suitor and future king. Princess Victoria married Prince Albert. She liked to ask and get advice from him on the elements of state. They soon became parents and had nine children together. Queen, wife, and mother describe Queen Victoria, all very important and necessary roles.  Women during this time led very private lives and were seen as emotional. They could not own land or be a participant in legal events. In the Victorian Era, named after Queen Victoria herself, the highest job women could have were teachers. Queen Victoria stopped women and kids from working in mines. Harmful gases were released which caused the mines to be unsanitary and unhealthy. This is a good act that helped the women and children to stay healthy. In this time marriage was usually arranged by parents for political gain. Queen Victoria and Prince Albert had real feelings for eachother. It was royal tradition that one could not propose to a king or queen, but Queen Victoria actually proposed to Prince Albert. By doing this action, Queen Victoria showed she can make decisions for herself and she had independence, which shows her leader-like qualities.The event that helped shape and change Queen Victoria was becoming queen! She helped her country increase in size by almost two times the previous size. She felt very linked together with her people around the Earth. She was the Empress of the subcontinent of India, which she was most proud of. It was her role and duty of queen to have her people’s trust. Although she was a great Queen, she faced some obstacles, in which some helped her learn. These interferences include, grieving for ten years after her husband died. She very rarely appeared in her public duties for a long time and was depressed. Before Prince Albert died, The Great Famine hit in 1845 that killed many. Queen Victoria had to deal with many upset people trying to cope with their losses of loved ones and finding solutions to these problems. Queen Victoria survived eight assassination attempts, most of which occured in her open carriage. Imagine almost being killed while trying to remain calm. Many of these obstacles helped her learn and become a better queen.Being remembered for the right things is important, and that is just what Queen Victoria is remembered for. She made many advances in science, industry, communications, and infrastructure. Her long reign and being throned young at the age of 18 is already incredible. The building of railways and underground sewage systems showed development and advancement in the country. Queen Victoria was a leader. She was very independent, even as a child and was inspired herself mostly. Her family also inspired her to do her best. To this day Queen Victoria continues to inspire modern day women. She showed it is possible to make an impact as young as eighteen years old. She was remembered for the influential things.Queen Victoria died peacefully with her family January 22, 1901.  She was remembered the way she would want because of all the tremendous work she has done for her country. She showed that women can take any role men can. Many of her accomplishments and changes she made displayed that her role was very important and a crucial job to maintain.

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