Now this deed witnesses as under :

1. That the college has agreed to pay a sum of Rs. 12,500/- per month to the engineer who has agreed to supervise the construction of the hostel regularly.

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2. That the Engineer shall supervise the construction work, arrange necessary building materials such as bricks, mortar, sand, cement, iron and wood, obtain bills for such materials and put it before the Manager of the College immediately for his verification and payment. All payments shall be made by account payee cheque which shall be collected by the engineer from the office of the College and delivered to the payee by him.

3. That after completion of construction of the building structure the engineer shall avail services of fitters and furnishers in respect of sanitary fittings, electrical fittings and door and window fittings, arrange necessary material for them and get the hostel building duly equipped with facilities for comfortable occupation by the students of the college.

4. That the said engineer shall prepare a daily report regarding purchase of building materials and construction carried on and submit it to the manager next morning. The engineer shall also maintain a true account of the expenses incurred in the construction work.

5. That the engineer shall get the construction completed as per plan and specifications sanctioned by the management of the college and seek instructions from the manager whenever deemed necessary after rendering expert opinion in respect of the construction work.

In witness whereof the manager and the engineer have signed this agreement in taken of acceptance of the terms thereof.

Witnesses :

1. …………………..

2. …………………..

Signature of the parties

Manager of the College


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