“You Sherlock Holmes are now knighted for all of the detective work that you have done” They were the very words that the majesty said to me. Back in the times that I worked with my side kick Dr Watson. I really enjoyed being a detective, but now there are not that many detectives left because of all the new technology! There was this one mystery that I remember particularly well. The case was called a Scandal in Bohemia; I remember this case so clearly because of a woman who I was working against called Irene Adler. This woman was so beautiful, she had everything and for a first time in my life I had feeling for a woman.

I was working when the famous Jack the Ripper was on the streets! This mystery all began when I got a letter through the post. I didn’t have any kind of clue who the letter was form. The first thing that I did was to called over my companion Watson to look at the letter. We both looked at the letter and tried to find out who had sent it to me? I discovered that the letter had come form a wealthy German speaking man. The letter told me that he was to come over to my house to talk about his problem. Before my client was to come over I needed to try and come to some conclusion about the letter.

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But before I could work out what to say the doorbell had rung. This showed that my new client needed my assistance urgently. At the door I noticed that the man had a large black figure. When he entered my house the first thing that he said to me was “are you the great Sherlock Holmes? ” I was not listening because I was deducing this German man. Then he said to me again “are you Sherlock Holmes? ” this time I replied with “yes”. I asked him if he had sent me a letter he smiled. Then I asked him why he had come to me and not to the police, he thought that I was much better that the police!

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