School House to Jail HouseToday’s significant problem concerns many adults on how students are being taught to reach career paths or miserably fail due to the education they end up receiving. This is usually due to school discipline and access to resources which may allow students to make the right decisions in life. Being able to find a solution to this situations we can successfully hinder the incarceration rate of multiple teens/ young adults. Investigating further into the school to prison pipeline could mean that students would be able to be set goals in which they’d be able to get an education at school rather than be haunted by sorrow in a prison cell. If we are able to do this students around the world, in different communities, will be to access equal education and influence school districts to open many opportunities for children. In the school to prison pipeline there is the relation to zero tolerance policies which were used to discipline students if they have any school related incidents like bullying, weapon possession, etc. The “criminal offenses” were enforcing multiple arrests which were being conducted on students; in addition, these policies impacted student of color due to racial profiling. Latino and African-American students were seen as the only ethnicities to be a threat or seen as those who are more likely to fail and do bad when being compared to white people. Although the policies may still be used in other school around the world by different districts, the community of boyle heights decided to take action on the problem eradicated zero tolerance policies on May, 2013 signing the School Climate Bill of Rights which, “eliminated forced automatic punishments for breaking rules, regardless of the circumstances, and ended suspensions for ‘willful defiance…’.” The change made it possible to reduce the expenses of staff and security which were already terrorizing students for commiting “crimes”. This act made the education system in Los Angeles malleable in constructing an environment which students should feel comfortable at their school; in addition, students now are able to continue with achieving academic success without obstacles to stop them.Suspensions are a school regulation that would contradict a student’s actions from committing something or poses a condition for being suspended. School’s use the suspensions just to predict where a student of color would result in and there’s expectation of how a student can be showing. Attendance and suspension can be affected by “quality teaching and school culture” from the increment and decrement in the students percentages when it goes to “6.709 percent to 0.16” percent. There’s other parts in schools suspension regulations that get involved from the “educational policy, teacher training, educational leadership and school reform initiatives.” Understanding the laws and purpose of suspension having two faces long and short-term. Dropping out of school is another idea in school to prison pipeline to which it is able to predict the students who will be sent to jail. People usually discuss about which race tends to dropout of school and the results are shocking. Hispanic and African American students are races which are connected to dropout rate; however, Hispanic students are more likely to leave school before the twelfth grade. Students attending schools in low-income communities tend to have trouble being able to succeed in neighborhood school; in fact, teachers and other adults imply that students do not have enough resources to make it from kindergarten to twelfth grade.

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