At the 3 crowns and sugar loaf there are a total number of 27 members of staff. The staffs have a timetable which alternates over the course of a week; there are some members that only work the night shift, some that work only the day shifts and other members of the company work from 10am – 12pm. One member of the bar staff, John Breen works on the bar, his job involves serving drinks, taking orders, cleaning, wiping tables and keeping the pub clean and up to standard, he has the food hygiene certificate which helps toward his qualifications. The other bar staff, Scott white collected glasses, from the tables.

He also waitered the tables, took food from the kitchen to the customers, he put the menus out in the morning, made coffee and tea for the customers and He also ran a bingo game on Tuesdays from 2:30pm – 4pm for the customers. In the kitchen there are 3 chefs and a head chef. One of the chefs is called Simon Hughes, he is a full time chef and his job involves, day to day running of the kitchen, ordering food stocks, making sure the food is up to standards and paper work is finished on time (i. e. – Temp Books). He also cooks and prepares food for the orders. His qualifications are the basic food hygiene certificate.

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The head chef Helen Burton works 5 times a week and is on the cold food station and grills/ovens. She prepares some of the food for the day ahead, and she cleaned up the kitchen wiping down surfaces and making enough room to make the food. If there were any dirty plates or cups she would put them in the pot wash and put them away so that once people started to order food in then there wasn’t any old cutlery getting in the way. The three crowns and sugar loaf has different facilities for different age groups in the community. For young children aged between 0-12 there is an outdoor play area and a children’s menu.

There is also a main menu for the older customers, the bar sells alcoholic beverages for the over 18. There is a Sky TV for the sports games and it is always on the sky sports news for anyone interested in sports. There is an outdoor smoking area and a beer garden, for the customers to enjoy in the summer. For the older generation there is a bingo game on in the afternoon 2. 30pm-4pm. The pub also offers the golden greats which are 2 courses for 3. 95 which runs Monday – Saturday. On Monday evenings at 7pm there is a poker night for over 18’s where they can have a meal and buy drinks whilst they play a game of poker.

Tuesdays is super Tuesdays as well as bingo they have 20% offer on all drinks from 2pm-5pm. On Wednesdays its curry club which is when you can buy a curry and a drink for  5. 25 from 5pm onwards, also at 9pm there is a quiz on. Finally, on Sunday you can buy a Sunday roast for  5. 45 or a Sunday roast and a pudding for  7. 25. And also a quiz at 8pm Another offer is when you can buy to meals for i?? 8, also there are selected meals which are on the offer and are advertise with stand up cards around the pub and on a few of the table. There is also a wine menu, which offers a 175ml glass, a 250ml glass or a bottle.

The 3 crowns and sugar loaf advertise their events on a leaflet which are lay out on a table as you walk in thought the door and also there are some which are on the tables with the menus. What is it? This piece of equipment is called a fryer. It’s for frying chips or giving food with batter on a golden, crispy look. All you have to do is place the food in to the basket with the blue handle and place it in to the oil underneath. Then once the food is cooked then you take the basket out of the oil and hang it on the metal lip on the top of the fryer. How do you clean it?

The oil needed to be changed every week; it has a inbuilt filter system so that it doesn’t’t need to be done every day. The baskets are cleaned every day so that the leftover food which is stuck in the basket is cleaned and ready to use for the next day. Is it serviced? The fryer is serviced every 6-12 month the same as the pot wash, similar to the pot wash if the fryer brakes then it needs to be able to be repaired quickly because one of the main meal which is the highest seller is fish and chips which the fryer is need for both.

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