SDT and Intrinsic motivators: Competence, relatedness

Flow conditions: Immediate feedback, clear goals

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Zichermann and Cunningham describes feedback as “one of the most straightforward and important game mechanics”. Feedback is giving information to players and informs them where they are at the present time and how their progress is. For example, feedback is often seen in the interplay between scores and levels. When a score increases it provides a clear feedback to the player that he or she is heading in the “right” direction (Zichermann & Cunningham, 2011), see Figur 3 for an example. Positive feedback can reinforce good behavior, while negative feedback can enable the player to quickly learn and adjust accordingly. Paharia argues that slow feedback loops disengage actions, making learning difficult and motivation harder to achieve and thereby diminishing the power of feedback. Paharia also advises that it is important to suggest a next action for the user to take with feedback, because it motivate the players to engage more deeply (Paharia, 2013).

The SDT theory can be seen in the fast feedback mechanism as the need for competence, because the user can perceive its progress with feedback.

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