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I am good at scheduling my time. Thus, I can allocate my time reasonably and accomplish tasks that I need to do. I am a self-manager including plan my schedule in advance. I will let the work follow my plan.

Self-manager is to do something that you did not want to do and perseverse anyway.


Self-manager can make my live healthier and more productive.

If a person is not good at self- managing, maybe this person will finish each assignment in a hurry because they cannot manage the study time and free time reasonably.


A good self-manager can insist on independent thinking, have a long-term vision and help me good at dismantling complex works.

The strength of self-manager did help me enhance the work efficiency. For example, when I chased a higher TOEFL grades, I made a learning schedule for myself. I need to listen for one half hour, read for two hours and memorize 50 words everyday.



Team work skill


People need to know how to cooperate with others in a high effective way.

For me, teamwork means a team of people working for a common goal and the team can finish perfectly.


The teamwork is usual in our life. At school, there is an assignment that needs a classmate to cooperate with me to finish. When I have a job, I will teamwork with colleagues. Good teamwork skill could help me improve my work efficiency.

Without team work skill, the person will meet lots of problems such as lose the opportunity to make friends with team members and lack the chance to share with others to communicate creative ideas.


In fact, effective cooperation is the process of using other’s resources and making up for other’s deficiencies. In this process, I can appreciate the strengths of others while being good at giving play to my strengths.

For example, last semester I took ISB lab class. There is a teamwork job at the last of our class. The goal of our team is to know people like to use plastic bags or recycle bags when they go to the supermarket. Our team had 4 people, everyone had their task. And my primary job is go to the Meijer and Wholefood to observe and count how many plastic bags and recycle bags are be used in one hour. One of my team member is in charge of editing the PowerPoint. One of them need to offer the solution of using plastic bags. Like give some suggestions to encourage people to not use plastic bags. The duty of last team member is to explain the disadvantage of using plastic bags and advantages of using recycle bags. By doing this way, our team finished the job very fast and got a good grade at last.





No one can succeed casually, every successful person must have unswerving struggle behind the experience.

For me, persistence is to do the same thing everyday. Eating and sleeping are a necessary part of my life. So, I do it everyday.


It is important for me because many thing must be persistent in order to have a good result. Adherence is victory.

Without persistence in doing something, the person may struggle to succeed.


If you give up halfway, your task is doomed to failure. But on the other hand, there is a chance of success as long as you persevere in your task.

Take myself as an example, when I was in high school I wanted to lose weight. Because I was fat at that time. I was heavier than most girl in my class. So I decided to lose weight by running and eating less at dinner. I insisted running for three months after class every day. At last, I lose about ten pounds. Persistence change my lifestyle. After this thing, running is a necessary task for me. It keeps me having a healthy lifestyle.





Independnet is the ability of a person to survive independently in a society and not dependent on parents.

I am study in America now. Thus, I need to do lots of things without the help of my parents. To live independently from my parents and to create life on my own.


Only independence means that I become an adult. Such as the nesting will fly in sky when it is independent, fish will swim alone in the ocean and I can live freely without my parents.

If someone is always dependent on their parents, the one cannot do anything once parents leave. As an independent people, the first reation of trouble in a problem is to solving this problem insteading of asking others for help.


Independent people can seize every opportunity of success.

When I was in junior high school, I took a volunteer activity about selling newspapers and using those money for charity. This activty hope children know how hard make money is and to be more independent. At first, I am very shy to ask people if they want to buy the newspaper. But when I conisder all of the money will be used to help others, I encourage myself to be brave. During the sell newspaper activity, I feel I become to be more independent.





Set a goal, and hardwork to achieve it.

The goal is essential for me. Each time I set different goals for myself and then set other new goals.


Once I have set a goal for myself, I will strive to achieve it by achieving one goal after another, and I will become better.

If someone do not set a goal, then life will be boring and the person will not have incentive to be a better person.


During a time, I will set some goals for myself. In this semester, I set goals including get 4.0 in ACC202 class, go to the gym three times a week and cannot miss any assignment due.

For example, I hope to study abroad for my college education. Then I set a goal in my heart. I take more time in English and prepare the TOEFL test and SAT. During the high school, I always strive for this goal. In the end, I finally achieved the goal. In summary, people should be goal-oriented to become a better one.



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