In rehearsing and performing an extract from Arthur Miller’s play ‘The Crucible’ what messages did you attempt to convey to the audience and how did you set out about doing so? I and 6 others performed a scene from act 1of Arthur Miller’s ‘The Crucible’. The ideas that we tried to convey were that people in Salem were in a panic and some people wanted to solve this problem that they were involved in, but when trying to do so they were making matters worse. Some of the characters lines were sharp and short ” My babies blood”. This conveys shock and confusion to the audience.

Also in this scene there are long dramatic speeches from some characters, ” he say Mr Parris must be kill! Mr Parris no godly man, Mr Parris mean man and no gentle man,…………… And I look- and there was goody good. ” When Tituba says this it’s almost like she is rambling. The assumptions that we make about Tituba’s character is that she is quite educated because of how much she has to say, this could also mean that she is very nervous about the situation also. ‘The Crucible’ deals with witchcraft trial that took place in the 17th century Salem. In the 17th century women didn’t have a high regard in society unlike today.

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They were meant to keep quiet and out of the way and let the men deal with the situations that occur. Miller wrote the play set in the 17th century because he wanted to write a play about McCarthyism, which was happening at the time Miller wrote the play. If Miller wrote the play to be set at the present day he would have been convicted. McCarthyism was an era when Senator Joseph McCarthy led the way for communists in America. My character was Mrs Putnam. She was middle aged with 3 children. Throughout the scene she reacts with shock and panic, “My babies blood”.

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