Q. Mary Shelley uses 3 different narrators, which specific references to chapter 15. How does Shelley manipulate the narrative point of view to shape the readers response? A. Within Mary Shelleys Frankenstein, she has cleverly used 3 narrators to shows the points of views of her characters. Shelley expresses her main concerns through these characters to the reader. She changes the narrative through out the novel to give interest to its structure and to show different point of view. She also gives the creature some of her own traits including intelligence, thoughtfulness and strength.

This may show that Mary Shelley felt like an outsider during the time this book was written, as she was a female writer among strong male writers. As the creature is coming to the end of his story and revealing more about his life with the cottagers and how the creature has survived, listened and learnt from his adopted family. The reader begins to feel strong sense of pathos for the creature and the way he has looked after himself and never self-pitied himself in any way. This is very endearing to the reader. ” My heart sank within me as with bitter sickness, and I refrained.

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” This shows that the creature has strong emotions and feeling for the family. The readers heart sinks too. However the reader has expected this as Shelley creates a sense of dread throughout this chapter. Mary Shelley shows great intelligence within her creature who has narrated the story from chapters 11 to 16. Shelley gives the creature the gift of language and he uses this to his advantage. The creature has acquired all of his knowledge from the family by listening to the old man and repeating the language and also eventually reading books that he finds.

He is able to form his own opinions and feeling for the books. The creature like the way he feels when he has learnt something new. ” As I read, however, I applied much personally to my own feelings and condition. ” This emphasises that the creature loves learning, he enjoys it and he then realises he can use his knowledge in many ways. He uses this talent against Victor when they meet again; he shows his high status and his development into a strong powerful character. The creature develops a strong bond with the family even though he doesn’t reveal himself until the end of this chapter.

He trusts the old man and decides to reveal himself to him only at first to gain acceptance. The reader once again is filled with dread as they are not sure how they old man or his family will react, surly nothing good can come of this? The creature wants to be part of a family and he realises it is what he wants. He also questions how and why he is here. This once again shows his intelligence as he is looking for reasons for his existence. ” Who was I? What was I? Whence did I come from? These questions continually reaccured, but was I able to solve them.

” This displays a strong sense of relationships and how important a family is. The creature wants to find out where his family is, and why he is alone? Where is his family support? Another important factor of being part of the family is interaction. The creature feels part of the cottagers family even though he has no real interaction with the family. He is only able to see them by spying through a small gap. He listens to the stories told by the old man, he does work for the family to help them and he has learnt everything he knows from them.

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