On the other hand, Watson, being the average man, has friends and later in the stories even has a wife. Although, they do differ the still both have the up-most respect for each other. Every story starts in the same way apart from ‘The Empty House’. It always starts with Watson looking back at his notes. The Empty House starts differently because watson think Holmes is dead, but he trys to solve crimes just like Holmes. They all start with an outline of the crime, for example a murder or an investigation.

Sometimes the criminal is obvious, but it’s how the crime is commited. Holmes goes to investigate VS street in ‘The Red-headed league’, and he goes to Dr Roylott’s mansion in ‘The Speckle Band’ and in ‘The Empty house’ he just reads the crime notes but asks a lot of questions. clues are left throughout the stories as well as red-herring, false clues, like the gypies and the cheetah. The way that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle give the clues to the reader, means that the reader can really identify with Sherlock Holmes, and begin to see themselves as the leading man.

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He does this by giving us, as the reader, all the clues that Sherlock Holmes gets, at the same time, and the only thing the reader has to do is work out what is happening in Holmes’ mind, following where the clues are taking him, at the same time as working out what the clues mean for themselves. All of this is geared up to make the reader get inside the mind of Sherlock Holmes, and want to solve the crime. The structure and the style of the stories add tension, the readers are totally surprised at the outcome on discovering who the culprit actually is.

Outcomes which are hard to predict always keeps the reader in suspense and wanting to know more are more. Having these surprising outcomes is usually the most exciting part of the stories. A further point of enjoyment is the diversity that Conan Doyle creates in each of his characters. For instance you have Sherlock Holmes, the genius of detective work and intellectually superb, almost a super-human figure. His sidekick, Dr Watson, is a character modern readers can relate to as ‘one of us’. Although not as clever as Holmes, he is kind and loyal to him, proves to be a brilliant narrator of the stories and works in a methodical way throughout.

Although the two characters are extremely different from one another, this does not affect their relationship. The Language of this stories are very different from today, the words are descriptire and they are very old fashioned; When you read a Sherlock Holmes story you might find it hard to understand for various reasons. Firstly, the sentence length in most paragraphs is extremely long. This can make it hard to understand as you get no gaps for you to catch your breath and it’s harder to take in a long sentence and understand it meaning.

Secondly, some words that were used then, have changed meanings for example ‘engaged’ in old english that means busy and in modern english that means engaged to someone. Long descriptive sentences reflect the character and draws the reader in. It’s discriptire to us as readers sometimes, so we can clearly see what Holmes and Watson see. It is melo-dramatic. Melo dramatic is to entertain the readers, it’s very over the top and makes it unrealistic, it gives us humor, creates a image. Melo drama adds tension and excitement.

People still read Sherlock Holmes stories because detective genre is still popular and Holmes’s powers of deduction add tension. Conan Doyle’s descripted tell us a lot about the attitudes of this time. Women weren’t taken seriously and were given laudanum (drugs) to calm them down, and they become addicted to opium without even knowing it. There were no laws against taking opium, you could even buy them in the chemist. The police force was new and people didn’t take them much seriously. Gradually the crime in England started to increase in numbers. Then came Sherlock Holmes.

He seemed to solve the problems of the police perfectly. He could solve more crimes than the police could and he had a fantastic reputation with the public. Even he regularly mentioned in the books that he disapproved of the police force. The police force was stablished in 1892, they helped out but never were given any crime to solve. In the Red-headed league and in the Empty house they were just there to take the criminal away to jail. The author Conan Doyle clearly shows that he doesn’t like the police force. The railway was very modern at that time and also cheap.

You had to travel in class system such as first class, middle class, low class. The way they traveled tells us what class they are (upper, middle, lower). Sherlock Holmes lives in a bachulor area, we are never told that Holmes solves crime in poor areas. There were a lot of poor families Conan Doyle knew about but yet he never mentions it, the class Conan Doyle writes about is upper/middle class because they the ones that buy the strand magazine. The genre, detective stories is still popular today because they are a challenge/ reader likes to solve crime. Sherlock Holmes fits sterotype.

They are well written, descripted, written time ago. They tell usabout society that some other auhors ignored e. g Charles Dickhens wrote about the scuffering. We/reader can learn from it, about the time its written in, the attitudes. e. g women were given opium to calm them down. Police force weren’t invented. Women weren’t allowed to go university. Railways were modern. Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Arthur Conan Doyle section.

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