If there is a difficult task ahead and a team is unfamiliar with the ways to carry out that task, the team leader or manager tries to appreciate member or members for their previous task. This can increase the inner power of that member.

Everyone in this world loves to receive appreciation for their tasks. If someone has done something for you then saying thank you is a formality. But if you provides a motivational words like “good work”, “keep it up” or “excellent” along with the thank you then next time that person works with twice energy.

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Appreciating someone’s work is an art. Very few people know how to appreciate truly. They appropriately use appreciating words for other people to carry out effective and fruitful results. Therefore it is necessary to learn to appreciate others task and neglect their faults. If a person working for you feels uncomfortable with you then for sure there is a lack of appreciation. You need to appreciate his task along with the payments.

“Appreciation” is not only limited to workplaces but it can be used anywhere. If your wife has prepared good dinner for you then it is your responsibility to praise her work the same night or next morning. This is a good quality of polite husband. Also if your husband has brought flowers for you then being a good wife it is your responsibility to appreciate your husband’s efforts to make you smile. This is how “Appreciation” can be done everywhere. Irrespective of relation, the timeliness of appreciation is really important.

Appreciating someone’s efforts is not an act that makes you feels shy but it’s an act that proves your character. This act shows that you are living down to earth. Therefore it is necessary to appreciate a person whenever possible. It is a good way to make things easier and simpler.

If appreciation is used properly, benefits are assured. Thus try to appreciate it instead of finding faults in anyone and you will see the changes for yourself.

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