(1) The nuclear States will give up their right to transfer weapons or their control to non-nuclear States:

(2) They will not transfer the secret of the atom bomb to non-nuclear States; and

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(3) The signatories were also to continue negotiations on disarmament.

India, Pakistan, Israel, Brazil etc. had so far refused to sign this treaty. Pressure has been mounting on India to sign this treaty or risk denial of vital foreign aid. Prime Minister Narsimha Rao in July 1991 declared that India will not sign this treaty. Intense pressure was exerted on him to sign this treaty, when he visited Washington in May 1994.

The United States is keen to prevent the nuclearisation of South Asia. Earlier, North Korea had been recalcitrant in allowing inspection of its nuclear installations and had threatened to nullify NPT. Pakistan has gone nuclear and is keen to acquire the necessary delivery system.

The NPT was extended again in May ’95 after the expiry of the agreement signed inl970 for twenty five years. India and Pakistan again refused to sign the treaty. The five nuclear tests by India in May ’98 and subsequently by Pakistan have vastly changed the scenario not only in South Asia, but elsewhere in the world.

North Korea is now threatening to go nuclear, and if it does, the tension in the Korean peninsula will mount. Iran in Dec. 03 was believed to be acquiring nuclear grade uranium. The IAEA was in the process of confirming that Iran does not pursue the nuclear path. The United States through the United Nations from 2005 to 2008 imposed tough sanctions on Iran and North Korea for adopting the nuclear path. North Korea has now renounced the nuclear course.

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