Objectives of Secondary Education:

For the development of national citizenship, secondary education should develop the students mentally, physically and morally.

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Efforts were made in the country to introduce basic education system. Till complete change takes place, co-ordination between the existing systems is desirable.

Specialised Schools:

Provision of special schools is necessary for specialised education. According to local and regional needs, agricultural and industrial schools should be established. To make education useful for the common people multi-purpose schools should be opened.

The pace of setting up higher secondary schools is rather slow due to the indifference of universities and lack of adequate funds. The state governments, too, are not showing enough enthusiasm.

Courses of Studies:

On the national level, three languages at the junior and higher secondary level national language, local language, and Western language and subject of general knowledge and social sciences are proposed to be made compulsory.

More subjects are proposed to be introduced in higher secondary education. The curriculum should strive to develop constructive and artistic faculties of students. The examination system should be changed so that more emphasis is laid on character building.

Management and Administration:

According to the present values the government should provide for women’s education and industrial education. The other schools should be governed by voluntary or independent organisations.

The conditions of the non-government schools should be improved and changes should be made in the administrative and inspection systems. The secondary schools should get economic aid both from government and public in the interest of education.

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