Despite shortcomings and difficult conditions the present educational systems has produced some Indian women who are far ahead when compared to women in many other highly advanced countries.

It shows that what is needed for the progress of Indian women is; education, and through its help, they can achieve their lost position in the society.

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The Education Commission has stressed the need of women’s education at all stages. The Radhakrishnan Commission (1948-49) in its reports has laid particular emphasis on women’s education and has observed that Indian women can work like men in all spheres.

Various scientific and psychological experiments have proved that men and women can do equally good work in many spheres. The cause of backwardness of Indian women lies in the inherent flows of the Indian society and its conservative outlook. So the society has to be purged of these evils and thus reformed early.

A large section of the Indian society considers the home to be the only field of women’s activities. Some people hold the view that unemployment will increase if women’s education spreads. All these views are misleading.

For the national development along with the women’s education, the old values of society will have to be changed. It is also necessary to change the present system of women’s education and make it more fruitful.

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