3. Her Majesty’s Forces, and

4. Voluntary Organisations.

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Local Education Authorities give adult education by organising some sort of vocational education with the co­operation of bodies giving Further Education. Many Local Education Authorities give grant for Further Education.

Becoming formal members of the National Institute of Adult Education of England, the Local Education Authorities shoulder the responsibility of adult education.

Under the responsible bodies are the universities of Bristol, Hull, Leicester, Nottingham and Southampton which run departments of Adult Education. These universities, for the purpose of Adult Education, received assistance from the Workers’ Educational Association.

This association has more than 60,000 members and more than 4,000 adult education institutions support it. The education minister recognises this association as a responsible body. Each responsible body for adult education organises some form of adult education with its area.

These programmes are both individual and co­operative. These programmes consist of single lecture and terminal course of at least 10 meetings, session’s courses of 1 year and tutorial courses of 3 years organised by universities. The Workers’ Educational Association organises various kinds of adult education programmes for industrial organisation.

In the lecture programme some time is allowed for questions and answers also. Universities and Workers’ Educational Association organise three years’ tutorial course in co-operation with each other.

This course is of the university standard. But these courses are available for a few students only. Each responsible body has to send its programme and budget to the Education Minister for approval.

Admirality, War Office and Air Ministry provide adult education to the members of H.M .Forces. The members of H.M .Forces may take part in any adult education programme organised by L.E.A: Workers’ Educational Association, voluntary organisations and Universities.

The service departments organise some correspondence courses of adult education for the members of H.M .Forces. There is a Central Committee of Adult Education for advising on adult education of the members of H.M .Forces. Representative of L.E.A., Universities, Service Departments and voluntary organisations are members of the Central Committee.

Voluntary organisations giving Further Education are very well developed. These are Learned Society, Youth Organisations, Churches, Trade Unions and the associations promoting Appreciation of Arts.

There is a National Institute of Adult Education which serves as a connecting link between the various organisations working for adult education. This Institute functions on the annual grant received from the Education Ministry, membership fees and royalty money received against its various publications. Universities and Local Education Authorites are also its members.

This Institute gives advice and necessary information to all bodies working for adult education. It publishes a directory enlisting the names of all the bodies working for adult education.

It publishes bulletins, organises libraries and research work in the area of adult education. Thus adult education is very well organised in England and Wales. Consequently percentage of illiteracy is very low there.

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