Regional inspectresses of schools and Inspectresses of schools have been appointed for the various educational regions and districts. But the number of women officers is insufficient and, moreover, due to double control, the work is not being carried on
efficiently. This administration hardly reaches the girls schools in rural areas.

Provision for proper management, supervision, advice and guidance of schools should be made by the Government for the development of women’s education. The Government of India appointed in 1958 a National Women’s Education Committee and on the basis of its recommendations established a National Women’s Education Council for the study of problems related to women’s education and proper guidance.

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Hopes have raised high with the setting up of this council. According to the recommendations of this council the setting up of a separate unit of women’s education in the state education department, appointment of a Joint Director of Education for Women and the establishment of an advisory council on women’s education have been some of the major achievements in the development of Women’s education.

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