As a result, in the absence of proper guidance, the standard of their success goes down. A system of proper scrutiny is necessary in vocational subjects so that with the help of proper guidance the students may achieve greater success in life when they pursue that vocation for earning their living.

In the higher education, the facility of opting for a particular subject must exist as a matter of principle. Another benefit that may accrue as a result of this policy is that the strength of students in different classes and subjects remains at a manageable number. Side by side, the courses of study need to be modernised.

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In the course of study prescribed in the institutions of such advanced countries as U.S.A. and England, efforts are being made to include some subjects of modern utility like social sciences, natural sciences, etc., as compulsory subjects.

Useful portion of various subjects may be sorted out and taught as one or two separate subjects. In our universities such subjects should be included in the courses of study and taught compulsorily.

Some periods in a week should be allotted for the study of such subjects. A new course of study has been introduced through the three years’ degree course scheme which has now been implemented in our universities.

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