Another factor responsible for the fall of the standard of education relates to the emoluments of the teachers. The status and emoluments of a teacher do not compare favourable with those of other equivalent posts.

So good teachers after accepting the teacher’s job to start with try for a better job elsewhere and as soon as they get government or other remunerative jobs they leave the teaching professions. They, therefore, during their stay in the institutions do not show much interest in their work.

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The third cause relates to training. The appointment of students coming straight after completing their studies in the university, as teachers is also responsible for the low standard of education. Although it is only at pre-university stages that demand for trained teachers is made, but trained and experienced teachers will prove of much value to universities also.

It will be better if, at first, university teachers are appointed as research assistants and made to do research work, or such persons are selected as teachers who are working as research assistants. It will also be better if a degree or research experience of a definite period is fixed, as a pre­condition for appointment on the teaching staff of a university.

Removal of other shortcomings will also prove helpful in raising the standard of education. The teaching hours and the number of classes should reasonably be reduced, pay scales should be raised and facilities and opportunities for further studies should be provided. Financial help during study leave or ordinary leave, maintenance of funds, and assistance for higher studies and research work should also be given to teachers.

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