In Great expectations, Miss Havisham is first introduced when Pip is called to her house to play with Estella. When Pip first sees miss Havisham he is shocked by her appearance as he says, ‘there sat the strangest lady that I have ever seen, or shall ever see. ‘ Estella is miss Havishams’ adopted daughter, she sees Pip as a dirty commoner, as when they are playing cards she jeers at him, ‘he calls the knaves jacks this boy! ‘ this makes him seem to be less than her. She also jokes at his appearance saying, ‘what coarse hands he has! And what thick boots!

‘ This makes Pip feel ‘ashamed of his appearance’ and who he is. Miss Havisham seems very keen to know what Pip thinks of Estella, about her looks and her attitude towards him. It is clear that miss Havisham is up to something as she doesn’t just question him she relentlessly showers him with questions about Estella and finally when Pip says that he would ‘like to go now’ miss Havisham tells him to ‘play the final game out with Estella’ she says this out load as she knows that if Pip feels he is staying for Estella then he wont leave.

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The reason miss Havisham is still wearing her wedding dress is because 25 years ago when she was preparing for her wedding she received a note telling her that her fianci?? had left her. After hearing this she stopped where she was with getting dressed with only one shoe on and accessories still on her dressing table and she stopped all her clocks at 20 minutes to 9 as this was the time when she found out she was ‘dumped’. She is very clearly obsessed with this as when she first talks to Pip she puts her hand on her chest and asks ‘what lies beneath’ Pip says her heart but she quickly snaps at him shouting ‘Broken!

‘ This shows she is obsessed about letting everyone know about her misery almost as if she gets pleasure from people knowing about her ‘pain’ Charles Dickens does this to show just how adversely affected she was by her fianci?? leaving her. The buffet was left ‘decomposing and yellow’ much like miss Havisham has let herself rot and turn yellow. In Carol Ann Duffy’s’ poem ‘Havisham’ miss Havisham is seen in a different light as it is written from her perspective and not Pips as it is in ‘Great Expectations’. It starts with miss Havisham talking about her Fianci??, she is obviously angry about this as she calls him ‘beloved sweetheart bastard’ then she says ‘not a day since then I haven’t wished him dead’.

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