Sime Darby Property must provide efficient solar panel systems
and sell together with the house to buyers.  The solar panel systems could provide
significant feature to the houses in City of Elmina and the environmental
benefits. Solar panel systems are functioning solar array to convert the energy
from sunlight into electricity. Then, solar panel system could help Sime Darby
Property to save the environment. It is because solar panel could create
electricity without harm the environment and also reduce global warming
pollution. This is a significant critical success factors for Sime Darby
property to achieve to able to achieve environment wellness. If solar panel
system is installed on the roof, then it could attract buyers and let the
buyers know the Sime Darby Property is wanted to protect the environment as

           The installation of solar panel
systems could increase the house value to the buyers. Solar panel systems could
provide home value to customers because it provides the house with good home
energy rating. It is the measure of energy efficiency. The electricity bill
will be reduced and buyers could have saving from solar energy and reduce the
burden of residents. Therefore, this is the significant feature to the City of
Elmina. The values of the house are more favorable to the buyers and potential
customers. Then more buyers will interest to purchase the house in City of
Elmina as the solar system have installed.  Sime Darby Property could use this feature to
making the City of Elmina project more successful and to achieve shareholders

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              Action of Sime Darby property
should do is may have subcontract with the solar energy company to supply the
solar panel systems and include these into the feature of the house in City of
Elmina. Sime Darby should select the most appropriate price of the contract to
maximizing shareholder’s wealth. Furthermore,the contract  Sime Darby property could also provide
guaranteed performance about 20-24 year warranty with their solar panels even
though the life span of the solar panels is long last  to 30 to 40 years. This is because to ensure
the solar panel able to work long period of time to ensure achieve
sustainability of the energy saving and not leading to global warming.

           Sime Darby Property must provide
home alarm systems in each house in the City of Elmina. Safety is an important
concern to the buyers before purchasing a home. However, a lot of people are
not installing security system into their house because of costly. They do not
think it is needed before the family’s safety is concerned. Customer may have security
when the purchasing their house. A reliable security guard are hiring in the
township are able to provide extra safeguard to the residents.

            Sime Darby must include reliable
and high quality of alarm system into the design of the houses such as closed-circuit
television surveillance (CCTV) systems, door security, fire
alarm, emergency service and other. When the alarm systems are sound, the security
guards are able to take action immediately. Here the efficiency of the security
guard should be controlled by Sime Darby Property. If Sime Darby Property does
not provide such security, customer are less likely to be the residents of
township since customer are feel
unsecure .Therefore, Sime Darby Property must provide some protection or
security to the residents.

            The action of Sime Darby Property
that could carry out is to install the alam system in the design of the house from
the best suppliers such as ADT. To test the effectiveness and quality of the
alam system to ensure function properly. A good quality guard also could
increase the confident to the residents and increase customer loyalty to the
Sime Darby Property. 


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