Since the 21st century, times and circumstances
have evolved and influenced people to realize their rights. In the past, human
rights were unknown to the general public of Canada. However, as time proceeded
people realized and understood that they need basic human rights. This was just
the beginning of a new Canada. The “Foreign” Unemployment, the Bill of Rights,
and Multiculturalism have altered Canadian history.

            To begin with, one significant
development that shows how Canadian rights evolved over time is Foreign Unemployment
during the Depression. The Great Depression in the 1930s decreased “foreign”
unemployment as Canadians did not want them to take over their jobs. Immigrants
were not taken into concern due to their race, culture and religion (1). The
main reason why Canada accepted theses newcomers were because more people were
needed to work in factories, mines and farms (2). Canadians opposed to the fact
on how people who arrived to Canada got jobs rather than Canadians which shows
how if this continued Canadians would be left with no job. “Foreigners” would
go to get jobs as they would need money to provide for their families though,
Canadians would get affronted as to how they won’t get jobs when they are
living in their own country (3). This is the reason newcomers lost jobs as the
owner would hire Canadian employees rather than the people who arrived to
Canada.  As Joe Martin, the author of the
article “The Great Depression” states “Unemployment reached an average of 32
per cent in Canadian cities” (4). People didn’t know when the depression would
end or when the way of living life would return to its normal state. After the
Stock Market Crash, many industries and corporations reimbursed their workforce
or shut down there businesses making it hard to find jobs. To sum it during
this time period new citizens didn’t have many rights compared to the people
living in Canada. In contrast, the establishment of the Bill of Rights bought
positive impacts to the Canadian society.

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            Furthermore, another significant
evolution that shows how Canadian rights evolved over time is the establishment
of the Bill of Rights. The Bill of Rights was the country’s first national law
that renowned the rights of human rights and essential freedom rights (5).  The Bill of Rights gave people the liberty of
speech, religion, and choice (6). This step was important in order to conserve
and progress the protection of human rights (7). Before the Post War Period,
human rights weren’t taken into attention as “foreigners” didn’t have the right
to work or join jobs due to their cultural background. New comers would feel
different as to how they were different from Canadians. As John Diefenbaker,
the Prime Minister of Canada at the time states “I am a Canadian, free to speak
without fear, free to worship in my own way, free to stand for what I think right,
free to oppose what I believe wrong, or free to choose those who shall govern
my country. This heritage of freedom I pledge to uphold for myself and all
mankind”(8). The Bill of Rights was the beginning of the development of rights
in Canada. Similarly, the expansion of Multiculturalism also bought positive

            Moreover, the last significant
progress that shows how Canadian rights evolved over time is the creation of
the policy of Multiculturalism. Canada was seen as a country that did not support
different ethnic groups or did not embolden different faiths or traditional backgrounds
(9). Prime Minister Trudeau declared “multiculturalism” as an authorized government
policy (10). Trudeau believed that one nation or creed shouldn’t define Canada,
and so this policy was made in order to encourage cultural diversity (11). Many
Canadians opposed to the fact of Canada becoming a divergent country, claiming
that ethnic equivalence could reduce the reputation and importance of French
and English relations (12). Further with the decision, Canada started accepting
many immigrants that not only spoke a different language but had different
beliefs as well. Multiculturalism is not only about French or English people,
it is about the right of those Canadians who believed in neither of these
convictions (13). As PM Elliot Trudeau states “Bilingualism is not an
imposition on the citizens”(14). Overall Canada has become a very miscellaneous
country with cultures from all around the world. This is why Canada is considered
multicultural because everyone from different countries are free to believe in
what they want. No one can be judged based on anything. Multiculturalism helped
with the developments of rights in Canada.

            To conclude, the Foreign
Unemployment in the Depression, The bill of Rights, and Multiculturalism have
all led to the development of human rights in Canada. These rights have
encouraged people from different cultures and religions to come and live in
Canada, without being judged on who they are, and where they originate from. 

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