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Dear mother and father,


I’m enjoying my trip to Dharamshala, I have been learning many
ideologies and theories both spiritual and scientific. Recently I had visited a
spiritual gathering where they were talking about the laws of karma. All this
time my understanding of karma was completely vague but now I have a clear,
precise and correct understanding of karma and its laws.


We always hear the word karma without actually understanding the
meaning we often relate it to a situation that we fail to understand. In order
to understand karma we need to acknowledge its presence, nothing happens by
chance it is our karma working to teach us what we need to experience. If we do
not understand the experiences we need to ask the higher powers for guidance
through meditation and prayer which will aid us to understand karmic lessons.


Mahatma Gandhi once said “A man is but the product of his thoughts. What he thinks, he
becomes.”  This quote also explains the first law of
karma, the great law understanding this is not very difficult, our thoughts and
action have consequences both positive and negative. To receive love, peace and
friendship one must be loving and peaceful, this means whatever one puts into
to universe will come back to them. Goodness begets goodness and evil begets
evil. The second law of karma is explained by  We are one with the universe
and that means participation is really important, our surroundings connect us
to our inner state If we surround ourselves with what we want we will surely
attain it so participation with the environment is essential. The third law is
the law of humility  this talks about the acceptance
which is needed in the present in order to change the future. For example we
need to accept negativity and then only we will be able to address it and
that’s when we achieve peace and positivity.


The fourth law is the
law of growth all we are given is ourselves and that means we have to control
ourselves. We have to change ourselves not the people and places around us if
we want to grow, if we change who we are our circumstances would change
too.  The fifth law is the law of responsibility
When there is turbulence in one’s life, there is something wrong with them
internally. We reflect what surrounds us and what surrounds us reflects us.
Every person is responsible for his own actions and must take the onus. The
sixth law is the law of connection Everything
in the universe is connected the past, present and future it doesn’t matter how
big or small the deed is everything counts. If we want a desired change in our
lives we must connect the past the current and the future for it. In an event
of a change the first step will be as significant as the last. The seventh law
is the law of focus “This means that one has to be very mindful in doing tasks for
a desired results. For example if our focus is on spiritual values, it is not
possible for us to have lower thoughts like anger.


The eighth law is the
law of giving and hospitality. What we believe should grow into our actions and
should be demonstrated. Selflessness is a quality of accommodating others.
Without selflessness spiritual change is impossible.­­­­ The
ninth law the law of here and now looking at the past
and seeing into the future can spoil the opportunity of present. Old thoughts
and old behaviour prevents us to have new thoughts and new behaviour. The tenth
law is the law of change Commitment and devotion is the only way we can
influence the past. History will repeat itself until we learn lessons by
changing our path. The eleventh law is the law of patience and reward All rewards
require initial effort, lasting rewards require tenacious toil and immense
patience. True happiness comes doing what we are supposed to do and we must
know the reward will come with time. The twelvth law is the law significance
and inspiration. We get back from whatever we put in. the actual value of
something is the result is the energy and toil put into it. Every personal
contribution counts. Loving contribution inspires and leaves an inspiration on
the whole.



Karma is a lifestyle
and we must follow it as it promotes positive thinking and actions.


Your loving son-Dewang sethi 

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