Look again at the end of ‘The Crucible’, from page 107 ‘ Alone Proctor walks to her, halts. ‘ How does Miller create dramatic tension in the final section of the play? The Crucible is set in America in 1692, written by Arthur Miller in the middle of the cold war, it was made to show what happened to the people who were accused of being communists, and had to face the American Government of un-American activities committee. Arthur Miller was made to come upon the committee and in this, he was made to name other people, like in the crucible when John Proctor was in front of the court.

He wrote it about witchcraft in 1692 because he could have been sent to jail if he had made it directly about the cold war. I am going to focus my essay on the conflicts between different characters or groups of characters and how Arthur Miller uses this to cause dramatic tension. There are many conflicts in the play but the main conflicts are the ones between Elizabeth Proctor and John Proctor, Abigail Williams and John Proctor and Hale and the court. The conflict between Elizabeth and John started before the play but there are clues along the way to tell us what has happened.

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We get told that Abigail and John had an affair and that was the reason for her being fired by the proctors as their servant. We get the feeling that Elizabeth knows about this although she doesn’t want to bring out into the open. “Proctor: I think you’re sad again. Are you? Elizabeth: You come so late I thought you’d gone to Salem this afternoon. Proctor: Why! I have no business in Salem. Elizabeth: You did speak of going, earlier this week. Proctor (He knows what she means): I have thought better of it since. ”

This causes a lot of tension between them as reverend hale gets proctor to say the 10 commandments and he is unable to say the one about adultery and Elizabeth needs to remind him. “Proctor: Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image. Hale: You have said that twice, sir. Proctor: Aye. Elizabeth: Adultery John” Proctor still loves Elizabeth as we find out just after this when Abigail gets Elizabeth arrested. “Cheever: I have a warrant for your wife. ” “Proctor: Who charged her? Cheever: Why, Abigail Williams charged her. ”

Both Elizabeth and John know why Abigail is accusing Elizabeth but the members of the court do not. At this point in the play John has not forgiven himself for committing adultery and if he cannot forgive himself then Elizabeth cannot forgive him. This needs to be resolved in the end. At the end of the play John gets arrested for witchcraft and as the court is starting to realise they have made a mistake, try to get John to confess so he will not be hung and not as many will hang through there mistake They believe that if John confesses then many others will confess.

They try to do this by getting Elizabeth to talk to him. This works as John does sign the confession but he does not give the paper over because they wish to publicise it, after he has re-considered his decision he rips up the confession and hangs. “Proctor: Because it is my name and I cannot have another in my life! Because I lie and sign myself to lies! Because I am not worth the dust on the feet of them that hang! How may I live without my name? I have given you my soul; leave me my name. ” Although he hangs, he hangs a brave man. He has forgiven himself and Elizabeth has forgiven him, so he does what is morally right.

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