Slave narrative are
known to provide firsthand information about slavery. In writing, slaves would
hope of shedding some light on the cruelty they endure and the inhuman aspects
of slavery. In the household where the slave master and slave relationships are
viewed, the slave is a living property of the master. It will also look to
recognize the idea of sexual connections amongst slave masters and their
slaves. Racism and domestic abuse are closely tied when we speak of the sexual
relationships between slave masters and the female slaves. Slaves were viewed
as animals and endure a great deal of pain. They experience domestic violence
and abuse on their plantation on a daily basis. Women are raped continuously
and manhandled with no hope of ever leaving. Men were also raped by slave
masters and forced to have sexual intercourse with other female slaves in hopes
of reproducing, so the master can sell the babies to other slave masters. Though,
despite this fact, there were consensual sexual experience amongst masters and
female slaves and even long haul sentimental relationships, for example the
relationship between Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemmings, is known to exist.
But some people see these relationships as a means of power. In the novel 12 years a slave, upon arrival at a new
slave plantation, Solomon is introduced to the other slaves. Patsey among the
slaves is the most fearless yet she was abused the most.

Patsey wept oftener, and suffered more, than any of her companions. She had
been literally excoriated…because it had fallen to her lot to be the slave of a
licentious master and a jealous mistress. She shrunk before the lustful eyes of
one, and was in danger even of her life at the hands of the other, and between
the two, she was indeed accursed. (Northup, 166)

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Patsey is treated
like a complete animal between both slave owners. She is raped and hated for
being raped like the has the choice to say yes or no. Patsey loses her
personal, mental and physical freedom at the hands of Epps and mistress Epps.
She is maliciously mangled and intertwined and thrown away like garbage. The
most challenging part of her situation would be the psychological issues she
experiences after each trauma, hoping it is the last time she has to experience
that kind of abuse. Initially maltreatment of this sort may lead one to taking
their own lives. Leading form this issue the second most unfortunate and
disturbing issue. The non-recognition for the slaves who work hard twenty four
hours per day.

is different is the amount of work it takes to reach a comparable level of
success. People of color often have the sense that they have to do “twice
as much to go half as far.” A colleague once said to me, “I feel like
I have to be twice as good as to accomplish anything as a Black man, and even
if I’m in a strong position, I know that some whites will not see my
strengths.” In addition, work is made harder simply by the daily
experience of subtle and overt racism. (Abrams, 5)

In todays society
just as it were in the slave times, credit is not always fully given to black
people. Many argue that they feel as if they do not accomplish anything because
they are not given credit for all their hard work. Fifty eight percent of
prisoners are black males, some of them not deserving of their imprisonment. It
is a constant struggle for the black male to strive and excel in his full
potential if he is constantly stereotyped not given the same privileges as the
white males and females. 

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