Later on in Frankenstein’s ‘hour of need’, Clerval, his trusty companion arrives and the mood lifts; ‘I clapped my hands for joy, and ran down to Clerval’. Clerval realises that Frankenstein’s behaviour is absurd and realises that something is seriously wrong, ‘he saw a wildness in my eyes which he could not account’. Shelley says this to make Frankenstein seem ‘animal’ like. Animals in the wild act very much differently than home nurtured ones. They defend themselves and are in much more danger of predators, this is similar to Frankenstein as he is in danger from the monster.

Frankenstein seems deluded and very basic like. Basic meaning not being able to cope without the presence of someone else, like for example, an animal. You get this impression from the word ‘wildness’. After having a delirious breakdown Frankenstein is again bed ridden. Clerval, being the great friend he is, stays with Frankenstein throughout his ill days. ‘My friend could have restored me to life’. ‘Restored’ meaning new and back to life. Frankenstein’s recovery is explained in very little detail, ‘I recovered’.

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Shelley does this on purpose as not lose interest of the readers who have already read all of the trauma that Frankenstein has caused and been through. A way the reader can tell Frankenstein has been recovering for a long time is by Shelley’s use of skipping through the seasons. ‘A divine spring’ and ‘the whole winter’. At the end of Chapter 5 we find Frankenstein feeling better. Mary Shelley uses pathetic fallacy again to describe Frankenstein’s recovery, ‘the young buds were shooting forth from the trees’. Indisputably, Frankenstein has recovered.

Although this is so, he panics at one point when Clerval says ‘speak to you on one subject’. This fills Frankenstein with trepidation as he thinks to himself, ‘One subject! What could it be? ‘, ‘an object of whom I dared not to think’. When first read, the reader thinks that Frankenstein is about to go delirious again, but is interrupted by Clerval saying ‘compose yourself’. This is a fairly shocking sentence from Clerval as he does not usually take charge. He seems to know what is wrong with Frankenstein when he says ‘I will not mention it’.

The sentence structure is presented to be short and quick to give an apprehensive atmosphere. The last sentence of the chapter is of Clerval endorsing Frankenstein of a letter that had come for him from Elizabeth. ‘It is from your cousin, I believe. ‘ This is off the subject of the monster. The mood is fairly optimistic and relaxed. This suggests that the story is now moving on. The reader may now be expecting to find out about the family of Frankenstein in more detail as the reader has only touched on it briefly before. Another thing the reader could be anticipating is that of the monster, where it had gone, where it lives etcetera.

The key message that Mary Shelley is proposing is that of wrong doings. She, throughout the chapter, consistently reminds the reader of this ‘doing’ that Frankenstein has done. This being creating life without the natural way of conceiving it. She convincingly argues through the words of Frankenstein himself by dragging out his pain and suffering for a whole chapter. This may have been an extremely, agonizingly and serious topic for the reader to read in Shelley’s days, but now, the meaning has been lost with Frankenstein’s torture is drawing out.

Nowadays, you would not expect to read such dreary writing but more gory and shocking stuff as things are more acceptable to do and say in this society than in Shelley’s days. In conclusion, Chapter 5 is a crucial part of the story as without it, the point that Shelley was forwarding, would not have been so prominent and important and the story may not have been so exciting. ?? ?? ?? ?? Orquidea Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Mary Shelley section.

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