you don’t want to give your number to everyone because of privacy issues or
other reasons. For example you don’t want to give your number to strangers when
you sell or buy products. If you are searching solutions of your problem then
in this article you find ways how to make phone calls without revealing your
true identity.

By following ways you
find how to make phone call without showing your number:  

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1.   Make your number
invisible temporarily:

Here is very
simple way to make your number invisible temporarily and it is without any cost
but you can only do while calling individual because your phone number cannot
be invisible while calling toll free numbers or emergency services.

·       You just have to
dial a code *67 before entering the number. It will temporarily deactivate the
caller ID and make your number show as “private number”.

2.  Make your number invisible permanently:

Here is a way to make your number permanently invisible but remember
don’t take it lightly because it is permanent and irreversible.

·       To attain this
feature call your cell phone carrier and ask for a block line.

3.  Hide your number on an Iphone:

Sometimes this feature is available in mobile. To activate it follow the
following steps. 

·       Go to the
settings of your cell phone.

·       Tap on phone.

·       Press on icon
name show my caller id.

·       Use the toggle
switch to hide or show your number.

4.  Hide number on an
android phone:

·       Open the phone.

·       Go to the menu.

·       Select settings.

·       Click on
additional settings icon..

·       Now click on
caller id.

·       Choose the
option of hide number and your number will hide.

5.  By using Hushed app:

Hushed app gives you second temporary number but keep in mind you need an
internet connection to make call by using this app. it will gives you
trail  for some days depending upon your

·       Open the phone.

·       Go to the play
store of your phone.

·      Download hushed
app and start using it.

6.  By using Skype:

Skype is best for voice call. Both parties should have Skype in their
phone. You didn’t need to connect your Google account or mobile number to used
Skype. You can use a temporary email to sign in Skype account but if you want
to be completely anonyms then used VPN to signing up for Skype.

·       Go to play store
of your cell phone.

·       Download Skype
from there.

·       Sign up and make
a call.

7.   By using  Sideline app:

Side line app gives you best opportunity of making anonyms calls. It
gives you second number for personal privacy. If you missed a call, Sideline
response automatically with MMS or text, helps you to connect with customers.
This app provides many other features that help you in business. It gives trail
for seven days.

·       Download it from
play store of your cell phone and follow their rules to get a number.


Hope that above method
guide you How to make call without revealing your identity.
Share your valuable comments and suggestions.


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