Sometimes the scariest sea creatures don’t have to be many tentacled fantastic creatures of myth, nor the very real great white sharks that prowl New England. The most heart-stopping creatures may actually do stop your heart. Even the smallest creatures could have a really, really big impact. The single creature that stresses this the most isn’t the Kraken, Not Jaws, But… Irukandji. Carukia Barnesi, more commonly known as the Irukandji Jellyfish is a species of waterborne invertebrate, and is in the same family as Chironex Fleckeri, the tyrant box jellyfish. It is only the size of a fingernail, yet 100 times more toxic than the venom of a  indian cobra.this Super dangerous jellyfish gets its reputation that makes the Portuguese man o war get frowned upon from a cocktail of it’s highly potent venom, the small size and it’s lethally long incubation time. The irukandji jellyfish  is one of the smallest yet don’t get fooled by it’s size, as it can kill a fully grown adult in less than an hour,and it has stingers on the bell as well as the bell.Worst of all, it can be up to 30 minutes before the symptoms show , and you’ll be dead ten minutes after symptoms show up, and even if you get i n  time to the hospital, you will have symptoms  for up to four days afterwards stung. The effects from an irukandji sting are quite frankly the scariest. Seconds after stung,it may only feel like a mosquito bite, but in minutes a surge of pain will develop, and then nausea, vomiting, high blood pressure, hypertension, irregular heartbeat, and even strokes can occur, and symptoms of a feeling of hot electric stabbing needles will occur for over four days after, and a less common symptom of “impending doom” have also been reported.This jellyfish is equally pleased in deep oceans as in small shallow beaches in north Queensland, right into the contact of human life, making it very dangerous. So lets suppose it is a very  unlucky day for you and you blunder right into one.

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