Sparrowhawk who became A Dragonlord and archmage was born on the island of Gont in a small town called Ten Alders.  He was born as Duny, the name his mother gave him.  His life and his name were all she could give him because she died when he was only a year old.  His father, on the other hand, was the Bronze-smith of the town.  He was a silent brooding man.  Duny had six older brothers that were all very much older than him.  They all left one by one to pursue jobs and to start families of their own.  As he grew up he became a tall, lanky and quick child.  There were not many kids in the town so instead, he herded the sheep in the meadows surrounding the town. His father tried to have him help but he spent the day roaming the woods and swimming the river.  One day he saw his aunt herding goats with magic.  He repeated the rhyme that she said and all the goats came to him.  After the goats followed him his aunt freed them from the spell. She took him back to her hut.  He did not know what he did or how he did it.  She knew that he would be a powerful wizard.  He learned a lot and very fast.  While the Kargad empire was strong they attacked the village.  Duny worked all night at the forge to help the people that were fighting.  As the fog from the fire tinned all villagers saw a line of warriors lacing the mountain.  Duny used a spell to make fog and hide the people.  He told his father to get the people out the village while he held the spell.  After he saves the village he is very worn out and stays silent, not eating or sleeping for very long time.  Then a man from Re Albi come to the village because he heard of what duny had done.  He wanted to take him and make him into an amazing wizard but he had to wait until Duny’s naming day.  On his birthday, otherwise known as his naming day, Ogion the Re Albi warrior came and gave him his name.  He gathered what little things he had and set off with his new name.  Ged.

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