2. Freedom of going to public places.

3. All religious places of Hindus opened for them.

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4. Right of admission in Government education centres.

5. Reservation in public services.

Contribution of Social Institutions and Leaders: Provision of free education in different five year plans. Efforts should be made for their achieving vocational efficiency.

Dhebar Commission:

Residential Ashrams, training in some craft or industry for the children of Scheduled castes. Special allowance and facilities for teaching Scheduled castes children, training college for them in the same area, their mother-tongue to be the medium of instruction.

Kothari Commission:

Many primary and secondary schools should be opened. Provision of hostels. More scholarships for higher education. New cadre for persons appointed for the service of Scheduled castes.

Criminal Professionals:

Criminal tribes, wander from one place to another, missionaries worked for their settlement at particular places. Residential schools, Government help to the missionaries and other institutions for their, welfare.

Criminal Tribes Act suspended. Provision of money in different Five Year Plans for them.

Nomadic Tribes:

They should be settled at particular places but the nomads do not stay where settled. Provision of moving schools at present. This arrangement was made in Jammu and Kashmir.

Government and Scheduled Castes: Reservation in Government services, training centres in Madras, Jabalpur, Kanpur, Delhi and other places for them so that they may be selected for Government services. Scholarships for education abroad. Reservation for more then 17 (1/2) percent seats in educational centres, Government and for hostels for them.

Scheduled Castes and Society: Society responsible for their upliftment. Awakening to be created in general public for their upliftment. More Residential schools to be opened for them, free education, clothes and mean to be provided. Propaganda, for their compulsory education.

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