With the break of this relationship, indiscipline, violence and immorality have increased. According to Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan the reason for all vices and troubles pervading the world is want of morality which has been created due to education being not correlated to religion.

In Western countries also movements were started for educational organisation by correlating religion and education. Sunday School Movement, Religious Education Movement was some such movements in which the demand for integration of education and religion was asserted.

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The world has witnessed the evil effects of materialism. Now, the need for education integrated with religion is being felt throughout the world. In fact, if religion is treated as ‘human religion’, a revolution may be brought out in the improvement of education. Peace can be established in the world through a religion-integrated education based on thinking of universal peace, universal- brotherhood and universal good.

On the basis of the viewpoint expressed above, it seems useful to impart religious education by integrating education and religion. But it is necessary to consider points both in its favour and against.

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