Those who regard education as an investment have looked at it purely from a materialistic viewpoint. In this concept, education becomes only a means of economic development. It is not regarded as a medium for spiritual advancement.

To-day the most urgent need is that of world peace. The education which is regarded as a means for economic development can fulfill only some selfish ends and it can never develop human virtues.

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The education that develops moral and spiritual values may prepare a reliable background for establishing world peace by way of preparing such persons who will strive for the same.

To-day money is being spent for physical and mental health, but nothing is being done for advancement of the ‘self. Only one nation cannot do much towards establishing world peace. In fact, all the nations should strive for it.

The nations that are regarded as developed are, in fact, undeveloped from the moral and human point of view. It is they who have posed a danger to world peace. Therefore the very conception of education should be so revolutionized that a society full of moral and human virtues is developed. Only then the various problems of the world may be solved within one frame of universal brotherhood.

Undoubtedly, the entire world, to-day, is enjoying the unprecedented benefits of scientific and technological advancements. There has been a great impact of the same on education as well. There has come a change in the social structure also.

In view of the need of the changed social structure, we shall have to relate our educational efforts to the same. Unemployment and social unrest have been developed due to lack of close relationship between education and the changing society.

For economic development we shall have to make our people self- dependent, and the national production will have to be increased. For this, more expenditure will be necessary for technological and industrial development.

Education is a life-long process. It must not be limited only to the boundaries of schools, colleges and universities. To-day we are not able to utilize those informal means of education which are in abundance along with educational institutions.

Family, neighbourhood, society and social, religions and cultural institutions and media of communications contribute a lot towards education of people. Due to our multifarious engagements we find no time to come into their close contact.

So by revising the concept of education we shall have to accept the informal means also as a source of education. This revising will also bridge the gulf between society and educational institutions.

Now education is not meant only for higher classes of society. In fact, it has become a right of the common man. So each country has to see that no one is deprived of this opportunity. We have to incorporate this kind of thinking in our new conception of education.

Education should be such as to provide employment to all according to their interests. It should increase national production and incomes. Only general education cannot achieve this goal. Hence vocational education will have to be developed along with general or liberal education.

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