The reason is not the partiality shown by university authorities but the system of different priorities in various universities. Therefore one admission policy is needed for bringing uniformity in the matter of admissions.

Some people also feel that in view of the present needs and circumstances of the country, it is neither possible nor desirable to extend the facility of university education to each and every student who completes secondary education.

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All these are complicated problems. After all, the salvation or welfare of the country does not lie in producing huge number of graduates and post-graduates. University education should be open to only those individuals who are determined to achieve the goal of their life through the medium of higher education and who have a taste and aptitude for higher educational potential and not to everyone.

The statistics available after the completion of the First Five Year Plan revealed that 2.07 lakhs and 0.93 lakhs students appeared in the Art and Science subjects, respectively. In the year 1992, these numbers respectively rose to 6.3 lakhs and 3.7 lakhs in the art and science subjects, respectively.

In 1955 the number of students appearing in B.A and B.Sc. examination was 1.02 lakhs and of those appearing in vocational subjects was 0.48 lakhs. By 1992 these figures swelled upto 3 lakhs for B.A and B .Sc examinations and to 1.5 lakhs for vocational subject examinees.

Some people are of the view that these statistics from the national utility point of view prove that this large number of students did not prove of much utility to the nation.

Therefore, they feel that only a limited percentage of students achieving success at the secondary stage should be allowed to avail of university education.

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