During the first
year of my bachelorette studies, I was taking a separate course on Robotics. My
first lesson was we could automate simple tasks which when for the first time
my curiosity was kindled towards the Embedded field. Starting as a fun-filled activity
of automating basic things in my house to working on real-time projects, somewhere
over the past three years my interest in this field has changed from an initial
curiosity to a definite passion. I once heard my Professor say “You will excel
in a field only when you get your basics right but you will become a pioneer in
the field only when you have in-depth knowledge of the subjects”. I would like to be in tandem with the latest technologies, I
want to learn, satiate my never-ending curiosity in Electronics. This calls for
a higher level of knowledge, expertise, and capacity to research extensively
and contribute back to the field. It’s in this concept I would like to
pursue a course on Embedded Systems at your esteemed university.

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Having done my kinder-garden in Muscat
and Primary school education in Dubai due to the work location of my father,
presented me a very early opportunity to understand the advantage of studying
with people from a multicultural background and also inculcated me with the
skills to adapt myself in a completely foreign land. Having been a person who
has constantly changed schools molded me into a girl who could easily mingle
with people with open-mindedness. Science always being my favorite subject
right from a small age led me to choose Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science
group in my 11th standard. My fondness for programming actually
started right there which didn’t just stop but continued after school not
realizing how supporting it is going to be. It led me to get well versed in C,
C++ and Core Java along with Oracle certification.

Coming from a place which is always
hesitant about spending money in a girl’s education, my father was one person
who always believed in my ambitions rather than the society and always carried
my dreams in his shoulders. One such dream being Engineering for which I was
given wings too. This mind-boggling pace of technological transformation of the
world has inspired me to take Electronics and Instrumentation as my branch of
study. Although all the courses were interesting and intellectually stimulating,
VLSI Design, Embedded Systems, Industrial Instrumentation, Artificial
Intelligence really sparked me and increasingly became my areas of interest to
explore it further. I was surprised to find out how Electronics was an unbounded
bottomless ocean of knowledge.

They say a journey of a
thousand miles begins with a single step. Curiosity being my major trait and Enthusiasm
to learn new things always paved my way to go one step beyond the Curriculum
and improve myself as an individual. Thus began my Robotics classes in Lema Labs, IIT Research Park from basic
to advanced levels.
The amalgamation of the knowledge gained from these courses has helped me strengthen
my fundamentals.  Life kept me sending small windows of
opportunity in college as well as from outside in the form of project
competitions, workshops etc. Intelligent is a person who grabs every
opportunity which arrives at her doorstep, I never failed to grab one.





My project on “Object Tracking” was done using open computer vision in Raspberry-pi
platform. This project ended up bagging 2nd prize in the
intradepartmental competition held by Indian Society of Automation – Easwari
chapter and also received appreciation from the jury. My project about “Vehicle Recognition and Identification”
using ANN induced my interest towards Machine
learning. The project being a group work taught me the virtues of group coordination,
continuous interaction, and teamwork which are essential qualities needed to
build one’s career and also gave me a chance to improve my leadership skills as
I was the team leader for both the projects.

to my growing interest in hardware concepts and software programming skills
mixed with social responsibility, I choose the area of Embedded Systems for my
undergraduate project work.  I
am currently working on the project titled “Drones Aid – An aerial vehicle for casualty assistance” a cost-effective
solution to lower the death rate caused by accidents by providing first aid
quicker by the means of a tri-copter.

My In-plant training in Chennai Petroleum Corporation Limited
exposed me to an industrial control and collection of critical data using
various sensors in dangerous places and also emphasized me with the importance
of discipline and safety which is significant in working of a company. As a
part of the Internship in Trend
Automation, I proposed a “Semi-Automated Glanding System” which could automate
the initial stages of the Glanding process. College organized industrial visits
opened us to real workspaces like Coca-Cola company, Kalpakkam Atomic Power
Station etc. It provided me a stage for inspirational interaction with
Scientists about the current research trends and also to learn the working
methods and employment practices in the respective fields with ample space for deeper practical
knowledge. Training conducted by the Technical School of Yokogawa on PLC and SCADA helped me improve my skills further in
the domain.

Apart from Academics, Art using oil
pastels imparted color to my life. Having finished my graduation in oil pastel
painting from global art school helped me add a feather to my hobby. I am passionate
towards writing and Editorial activities. I am the Editor of my Department’s Newsletter
and I was also the Editor for technical Symposium Magazine “Revista”. During
the Editorial works, I had mastered the skill of time management as I had to devise
the copies of the before the monthly deadlines.

As I stand here making a very important decision in my life,
I have to answer this very critical question of why I choose Sweden for my Post-graduation.
As I was looking for a country, Sweden immediately captured my eyes with its
unique system which offers independence to one’s analytical thinking rather
than the common rote learning system. It would be my privilege to pursue my
masters in a country which stands as one of the most sustainable nations of the

To brief, I am a
motivated and determined individual with a good academic background, seeking
for a new leap in my academics, inspired by the positive feedback from peers
and professors, present, and past, from life at grad school. I believe that I
have the requisite traits that this institution seeks from its students. When
you aim for something, don’t compromise it with anything else. This principle
has helped me make the right decisions and achieve my goals throughout my life.
I believe that this time it won’t let me down either. I assure you that my dedication and
diligence and my desire to excel would allow me to make a remarkable
contribution to the university. Thank you for considering my candidacy


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