Statement of Purpose

“I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.” -Albert Einstein

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I would like to have this quote to introduce myself as a tech enthusiastic person whose life is basically all about machines and automobile mechanics. Ever since I introduce to the car and their technologies, there were hardly any days in which I stop learning something new about machines and their principals, or doing something interesting in machines. Slowly and gradually, the hobby became a passion and I made myself determinant about making a career in automobile and mechanical. This passion and love for machines led me to pursue Bachelors of Engineering in Automobile engineering from Gujarat Technological University.




I completed my SSC (10th) grade exam with 8 CGPA in the year 2012. After that I have completed my HSC (12th) grade exam in science stream with 67.5% in the year 2014 from Army Public School. Currently I am pursuing my 4 year Bachelor’s Degree in Automobile Engineering acquiring 7.9 CGPA and 7.41 CPI up to 6th Semester from a renowned college named L.J Institute of Engineering and Technology, Ahmedabad falling under Gujarat Technological University’s Affiliation. I have also conducted many research project in my academic career in which three of them are minor project and one major project on IC Engines.




During the B. Tech, I have learned various software related to the mechanical as well as electronics as part of the software packages and personal interest. As the subject and need for the project I had to learn some modelling and drafting software such as SolidWorks, AutoCAD and MATLAB. I had also completed a summer internship at CEAT SHOPEE as Technical Adviser and Maintenance Engineer. Also I have done three minor projects, firstly, “design and analyse the new moto mover”, secondly, “Hybrid system for car air conditioner”, finally, “portable optical sorting machine for household”. Apart from this I am a current member of NCC (National Cadet Corps) a youth program form Indian government. In NCC I learned unity and discipline.




The Canadian education system is worldwide known for its research and study policies. I have chosen Canada as the destination for my Graduate studies as researcher. The country has state of the art infra-structure, facilities and the required conductive environment which makes it top most in research and development. It is also the pioneer in the fields of engineering and technology. The education system of Canadian universities makes a student self-reliant and well-rounded. In the search for the highly-reputed universities and appropriate master’s degree program I found that Canada is the best place to study with the affordable expenses and widely accepted degree worldwide. I have found programs in graduate studies (M.Eng.) in your university under the Mechanical department that offers specialization in mechanical aspect. It covers all my interest topics such as Energy and Fluid Systems,


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