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Degree Sought: Master of Science

Major: Computer Engineering


“Try to learn something about everything and everything about something”.

                                                                                               Thomas Huxley

The above quote describes me as a person and as a student. This has been my driving force for all the accomplishments of my educational career. My motivation has always been at its peak beginning from the early years at the high school through to the undergraduate school.

I feel it a unique privilege to give a brief account of myself to your esteemed institution. I am, an undergraduate student in Electronics and Communications Engineering from Vardhaman College of Engineering and I have applied to graduate program in Computer Engineering at your University. I strongly believe that graduate study involving high-quality research at your University in this field which is a necessary step towards my goal. In the following lines, I attempt to give a brief portrayal of my interests, aptitude, education and extracurricular activities.

Technology has grown multiple folds over the period of time. Engineering aims at delivering science and use of technology, the world has seen a number of innovations and will continue to see much more in the future. I have realized the need to pursue further education in Computer Engineering, in order to fulfill my career objectives. After cautious instances, it has become obvious to me that establishing a successful career in CE in the present technological and business world demands advanced training in Computer Engineering. I wish to enroll my master’s program at your university because I am a strong enthusiast of your research centers and facilities, which I consider critical in attaining greater academic excellence.

The first two years of my under graduation helped me master the core subjects Electronic Devices and circuits, Pulse and Digital Circuits, Signals and Systems, Electronic Circuit Analysis, Linear and Digital IC Applications, Digital Signal Processing, Analog Communications, Switching Theory and Logic Design and VLSI. My effort to be the very best in every field has not prevented me from broadening my perspectives in my field of interest. Towards this end, I am well versed with programming in C language, Java, an operating system like Windows and software tools like MATLAB, Multisim, and Verilog HDL, Cadence, ANSYS HFSS, NATIONAL INSTRUMENTS.

During my 3rd year, I gained immense inclination towards Microcontrollers which led to the development of my mini project “BASIC SECURITY SYSTEM”.

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