STATEMENT OF PURPOSEAt the time of my undergrad admission, I felt as if several roads were diverging into the woods (yes, like Robert Frost) and I was clueless due to lack of awareness and knowledge. At the beginning of the course, I was in dilemma about which major to graduate in. And I chose electrical engineering after seeking advice from my parents and after consulting professors.  Years later, I feel nostalgic when I seem to have arrived at a similar juncture. However, this time, I stand firm with one thought on my mind – my calling is in “Computer Science Engineering”.Despite coming from an Electrical background, I have always had a strong propensity towards Computer Science Engineering, a breakthrough in the field of science which took the world by a storm decades ago. Through the undergrad coursework, I was acquainted with subjects such as Computer organization, C & Data Structures, Switching Theory and Logic Design, Microprocessors and Microcontrollers, which have helped me understand the fundamentals of computer programming and computer hardware as well. Therefore, I believe that graduate studies in computer science engineering would equip me with an exhaustive knowledge of computers and would open up new avenues to understand and solve problems. As I have already studied about power and hardware electronic components of the computer, I felt it a logical step to pursue a course in computer science engineering and learn about the software aspects of computer.Although my coursework was in Electrical Engineering dealing with the core subjects of Electrical and Electronics Technology, there were times we used software such as MATLAB to solve the technical problems of circuits and their operation. Hence, it is indispensable to learn about computers and their processing to solve problems in any field. My successful completion of -project work in Defence Organisation (Agni-III Missile), which is a surface to surface BALISTIC MISSILE having a striking range of more than 3000km, enabled me to understand the basic working operation as well as its tracking path using MATLAB software. I continued it with working on ‘Coordinated Behaviour of Dynamic Stability Controllers in a Single Machine System’.I am a person who prepares monotonously for the exams; my approach has always been one having a thorough understanding of the concepts rather than merely having an exam-centric approach. Probably, I try to link various theories and analyze the question that has been asked so as to have a wider approach and answer with a better understanding of the subject. Sticking up to my project idea, I have also done my Internship at BHEL (BHARAT HEAVY ELECTRICALS LIMITED), regarding “CNC MACHINES/SYSTEMS and PLA”. Throughout the coursework, I have experienced comprehensive exposure towards the various hardware aspects of computer science. Furthermore, I have taken up a course in C++ and I am currently pursuing a course in JAVA. Hence, I am well acquainted with the programming aspects.As mentioned earlier, I was riddled as to which stream I should pursue for my undergrad, and opted for Electronic Engineering after a little advice from my father who is from DEFENCE ORGANIZATION. I would only consider myself lucky as, a computer science student’s domain probably starts once the computer is switched on. I am an avid computer gamer and I have been involved in professional computer gaming since schooling. I have been well acquainted with the system specifications, and I have also kept myself constantly updated with the various technical advancements in computer science.During undergrad, I have been part of several extracurricular activities. I have attended workshops which include Robotics and its Applications. In the Robotics workshop, my team constructed and programmed a Line follower robot. And as a part of the Application of Robotics, we developed a portable machine which is controlled by human voice.I am applying for Computer Engineering for prospective graduate studies at your University. An extremely distinguished faculty, a milieu replete with academic activity and excellent facilities for research in my fields of interest are the most important factors that inspired me to choose your University for graduate studies. I am confident that I can match the high standards at your University and I aspire to contribute to the research endeavours apart from graduate coursework. Following graduate studies, I would like to…In the long run, my aim is to a scientist.

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