of Purpose

In the words of Adlai E.
Stevenson “If we value the pursuit of knowledge, we must be free to follow
wherever that search may lead us.”  With that I want to introduce
myself, I am Prashant Bikram Sambahangphe from Ranigaun 08, Pancthar Nepal. My
passport no 08222294 and I was born in 1993 February 04.

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As per my academic background, I finished my schooling from
Oasis English Boarding School with 76.50% in 2007/08 School Leaving Certificate
(SLC) Board and secured 67.50% in intermediate (+2 level) from United Academy
College in 2010 from Higher Secondary Education Board (HSEB) board. I have
completed my Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) with aggregate of 3.56 CGPA
out of 4 from Kathford International College of Engineering and Management in
2014. However, after completion of bachelor’s degree there was gap of almost 3
years. At that time-period, I was engaged in school named Oasis English
Boarding School working as an Assistant Accountant where I got opportunity to
gain handful of experience in the field of accounting. Moreover, when working
as professional, I realized that accounting fascinates me more than any other
field. My performance was considered remarkable as a result of my hard work and
I was also able to earn basic income. Indeed, I became sure about what I want
and how I want to make future for myself in this sector. During my professional
career I realized the value of further education so wish to join the Masters of
Professional Accounting in Australia to get international degree.


In my view, acquiring knowledge of accounting
and management will not only be extremely useful, but also personally rewarding
and enjoyable. It is a fascinating area of study and one that I will certainly
be able to apply to my future work. I am well-prepared to face the challenge of
studying in your university, and I have the determination to realize my goals
and complete my studies successfully. Equipped with the specialist knowledge I
will gain from your university’s course, as well as the cross-cultural
understanding that living in the Australia provides me, I expect to be able to
progress smoothly into a career in the international business world when I

BBA program that I have studied in my undergraduate degree is
more theoretical which has given mw knowledge on how to operate the business
but MPA program will enhance my technical and analytical part of business. In
this competitive era, everyone should think about the income they will receive
after the degree. And there is no doubt that the accountants are paid high
salary.  In this advanced age the
historic system of bookkeeping has been replaced by various accounting
software’s like XERO, MYOB etc. MPA course provides us with all the knowledge
required for it. It is also internationally recognized course.

In this today’s incorporated world
personally and professionally,
becoming a global citizen can lead to the greater understanding and success which can be acquired by
international qualification and exposure. International qualification opens the
career directions from my home country to abroad and in different multinational
organizations. Not only that being competitive staff gives me higher confidence and exposure
because there is competition
everywhere and in every sector. Many people travel abroad to gain knowledge and ideas, many students from
different countries travel overseas to
study in order to
achieve the knowledge, ideas and skills from different society, culture and
system which enables us to make self-dependent by knowing and different aspects of life, study and




The main reason I choose to study in Australia, rather
than my home country is education in Australia is globally recognized and can
provide me with opportunity to acquire quality education which I can utilize in
my home country to make valuable contribution in the field of accounting and
ultimately in development of country. Searching on internet, I
found that Australia is leading global provider of education with some of the
best facilities and educators providing quality education to local and
international students. Furthermore, Australia offers 22,000 different types of
courses from around 1100 institutions.  Australian
qualifications are recognized by employers & leading educational
institution in many countries around the world. Moreover, most courses &
trainings undertaken by international students in Australia are covered by Australian
qualification framework. The Australian qualification framework has been set up
by government to strengthen the quality assurance processes in education. Also,
Australia provides the world most rigorous protection for international
students through ESOS. Furthermore, Australia also offers excellent value for
money & a standard of living that is among the highest in the world. Australia
has a reputation for adopting new technologies at a faster rate than in most of
the countries. Facilities for teaching, training & research are world class
in terms of state-of-art labs & classrooms, outstanding libraries &
modern technologies. Additionally, living expenses & tuition costs in
Australia is considerably less expensive as compared to other countries such as
USA, UK and Canada. The other advantage is that it is in the Asia-Pacific Rim
and offers opportunity for paid internships while studying. Australia is also a
safe, multicultural country with friendly & harmonious society and great
care is taken in looking after the international students & helping them to
adjust with their way of life.


Sydney is the prime city in Australia which offers lots of
directions and opportunities as it is a city with modern facilities and opportunities. Sydney is hub
for many reputed colleges and
universities which caters the educational environment including Macquarie
University, the University of New South Wales, the University of Sydney, the
University of Technology Sydney and Western Sydney University. Sydney provides modern facilities and opportunities that are required for the
better academic progress.
Apart from study, international students can immense themselves into many
interesting activities in Sydney- for example, sightseeing, shopping,
entertainment activities and enjoying diverse foods.  Being a
cosmopolitan city, I can get opportunities to meet different nationalities from
various cultures which will enable
me to know more about other cultures and study with friends from diverse
environments and backgrounds and
can foster professional network as well.


Federation University is
one of the SSVF colleges in this new
student visa policy. Based on internet search, I found that out of all these universities, Macquarie
University’s indicative annual fee is $34,726 which is most costly. While, USC
and Wentworth institute are cheaper than Federation University with estimated
tuition fee of $22,000 but their subjects such as Introduction of Informatics,
Communication & Thought and Managing across Cultures are not adaptable to
my preference whereas, Federation University collaborates with ATMC and offers
extensive support to help students handle study demands by providing additional
free time-tabled classes which are delivered as workshops or seminars to guide
students in areas of developing study skills, English language support,
assignments, exam preparations, etc. Their class sizes are also small for more
personal attention. Federation University is
one of the best universities in Australia as having the high reputation, affordable fees, qualified tutors, suitable location, good
study environment, updated and industry
relevant curriculum.

Moreover, during my research, I came to know that there are many Asian students are studying there and this
will be helpful to me to easily adjust in their environment. Also, the staffs are very supportive and
encouraging to ensure that we
feel comfortable as international students. Therefore,
studying at Federation University
will give me an opportunity to learn the
Legal and Accounting skills for going into business. I will also be able to explore
Accounting techniques to make sure that I can do well in numbers as a
accountant and balance the figure. Moreover, Federation University offers Work
Integrated Learning as a mandatory component of the program and can be
undertaken in many formats including internships and placements.  I can even apply for the Industry Placement
Program (IPP) available at Gippsland Campus, which offers up to 26 weeks of
industry based experience where IPP students receive a scholarship payment of
up to $15,000. This is an added advantage to study at Federation University.

Hence, I have finally chosen
Federation University due to its mandatory Work Integrated Learning and high reputation
of faculties. Additionally, Master of Professional Accounting at Federation University will
prepare me with the skills required to excel in the small to medium Accounting sector. As I am aware that Master of
Professional Accounting has very high career
scope and it is very important
part of business, I want to be better qualified
with Australian education
experience as the demand of skilled manpower in the field of Account and Professional accountant are high demand
in my home country Nepal. This
course will open new horizon for me and there are excellent job prospects for me in Nepal after completion of my course because
professional accounting will help me to get a better job and helps to secure
future in my home country.

I choose ATMC (Australian Technical and Management
College) because it provides a pathway for international students seeking
higher education in the field of business and management in Australia and
abroad. First established in Indian subcontinent ATMC has  ATMC has evolved into a flourishing
nationally recognized education institution in association with three leading
Australian universities that specialize in the fields of information technology
and business: Federation University Australia (Federation University), Charles Darwin
University (CDU) and the University of the Sunshine Coast (USC).The college has
campuses in Melbourne and Sydney, offering a range of innovative courses
designed to prepare students for the global workforce

           The principal course that I am studying in Australia will be
Masters of Professional Accounting at ATMC, Sydney. Since I am from the
non-English speaking country so English is the secondary language for me. I
used my all effort and did the IELTS preparation. I took all the classes and
give my 100% effort to the English. Even though I attempted the test on 21st
September 2017. The score I achieved in IELTS was just the overall band score
of 6.5. So, I am going to do EAP program at ATMC. Through my knowledge and research,
I come to know that EAP is
a university and TAFE preparation course. It is designed for students with
upper intermediate to advanced levels of English who want to gain
admission to an Australian TAFE, undergraduate or postgraduate course. Since I
am in the situation I need some English Instruction and training before
enrolling to the university program which will help me to get the university
degree with ease without having any problem. English for Academic Purpose course equips
students with required speaking, listening, reading and writing skills for a
university environment. Through my study came to know the EAP provided my ATMC has the following

Study on a campus with a
vibrant culture and extensive student amenities

The courses teach all the
essential English skills in speaking, listening, grammar, writing, reading,
pronunciation and intercultural communication

Attention to individual student
needs. Professional, highly qualified and experienced teachers who are friendly
and helpful

Regular level assessment to
track your progress. Certificate with statement of results presentation at the
end of each course


The 5 weeks of EAP program will be really helpful for me to study
the culture and adapt in the English environment. I hope the  EAP program will make me efficient on the
following things:

a)      Fully equip me with all aspects of English

b)      Understand the culture, lifestyle and the way of living in Melbourne

c)      The system of study and the education system of Australia

d)      Make a better understanding of place, education and English which
will make myself adapt in the new place.


addition to it, I am aware that accounting has very high career scope and it is very important part of business,
I want to be better qualified
with Australian
education experience as the demand of skilled manpower in the field of business and accounting industry are
high demand in my home country Nepal. This course will open new horizon for me and there are excellent job prospects for me in Nepal after completion of my
course because accounting as the main part of business analysis. Many business
companies have been established and banking sector is also growing.

As we know, Nepal is a developing country and we have huge potential in
each and every sector in the present day, be it any sector. Finance, Marketing
or Accounting are heart to any organization and hence having thorough knowledge
in this field shall open my doors to any sector and thus add unlimited scope to
my career

After the completion of
my course, I will return back to my
home country and
will join the multinational companies. Our country
is in the growing phase that needs highly qualified human resources to continue
its progress to develop. Therefore, pursuing higher degree from Australia will
make me competitive enough to create and grab opportunities in this modern era.
There are many companies currently
prevailing in Nepal like Chaudhary Group, Khean Group, Trishakti, Hulas motors, Standard Chartered Bank, Shangri
La, IMS group, etc (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_companies_of_Nepal), wherein I can join in different position as Accountant,
Business Development Manager, Marketing Professional. Also, there are
opportunities to pursue a job in Banking sector or any other Professional position (http://www.jobsnepal.com/category/marketing/77). I could get a good salary of about 12 to 15 lakhs per
annum ( i.e 15-20,000 AUD) which may increase up to 20-24 lacks per annum (
25-30,000 AUD)  depending upon the kind
of industry. Moreover, I will be able to support my family living in my own
country financially as well as personally because I am the only son of my

To sum it up, I eagerly look
forward for being a part of your esteemed university in order to pursue MBA
program. I believe that enrollment at your university will provide an
opportunity to take new journey of education, discovery and ultimately new
peaks of success.

Kind Regards,

Prashant Bikram Sambahangphe

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