Steve Paul Jobs – an
American entrepreneur, commercial enterprise magnate, inventor, and business
decision-maker Is also the one who becomes the chairman, leader, executive
officer, CEO and co-founder of Apple Inc.

We know that Steve Jobs
is very successful in his career. He has done so much through his success. He
never quits. Sometimes he fell but the fact that he became successful is
because of these factors that he has gone through. Steve Jobs has great mind,
with capacity of thinking new ideas or I may say he easily thinks of new ideas
and new creations.

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I can picture myself as
a technopreneur, but taking the same career path as Steve Job? I think he was
way capable of managing a business like Apple Inc. and Macintosh, than me
managing the same business. Though I have faith in myself and believed that I
could be a successful technopreneur but not as Steve Jobs because I do not have
the skills and the work ethics of Steve Jobs. I admire him a lot with his great
works and the passion of what he was doing. 
He was a great man. He was capable of thinking new ideas and innovating
new technology.

If I can have the
factors that Steve Jobs had in his success maybe I would take the same path that
he took because he is an extraordinary man that pursue his goals. With the
determination of his work, he is one of a kind. Of course, it is an honor if
you will be successful like Steve Jobs.

If you would ask me
that if I would take the same career path Steve Jobs took, I will say no.



 Each of us is unique.
Steve Jobs is unique and I am too .Each has the right to choose and a freedom
to express their individual opinions. It is easy to say that “I wanted to be
that person” but it is hard to act like the person that you wanted to be. I
will not take the same career with him because I am not him and he has these
distinctive capabilities that are actually rare now. Nothing is impossible no
matter what path you will choose, one thing that is important is your
determination. You should know what you are doing and be passionate about it.
People also become successful because of their own path they had chosen.

With the attitude of
being passionate, determined on a certain goal and a great mind, maybe someday
I can be Steve Jobs, very successful on my own path.



4. Why it is important for industry
people to focus on technology to enhance their industry improvement?



It is important for industry
people to focus on technology to enhance their industry improvement because
Industries, Businesses small and big need technology to thrive. They’re growing
and expanding throughout nations because of technological advancements. Technology
is the reason that offers agencies the power to unfold their wings. If not for
technology, Technology plays a very big role in determining how we do business,
and new technology has emerged as a prime component for moving business
forward. New generation of technology creates efficiency in
the commercial enterprise  in phrases of
client satisfaction and higher degrees of innovation and profitability. To
remain competitive in business, it is necessary to stay abreast of
technological advancements.

Technology helps in
complex industrial processes, large scale production of goods, and the growth
of software industry.

Growing businesses
create employment opportunities for people and technology plays a big role in
business growth. That’s how important technology is for industrial improvement.


Here are some of the
ways in which technology contributes to industrial improvement:


Creates Mobility: 
Mobility in industries is a factor that determines
the efficiency in an industry. There is a need for coordination between
employees in their place of work. Employees need to move freely to help in
industrial improvement. Without technology, this is near to impossible since
there will be much delay. Technology makes it possible for one to operate from
anywhere at any time.


Cost Effective: 
An industry will do whatever it takes to cut costs of
production. This is why a company would use various design software due to the
cost benefits of having such software. The development in technology enables
industries to save a lot of money that could have been used in doing a simple


 Efficiency: Efficiency is
one of the most important elements needed for industrial development. An
industry needs to be efficient in the delivery of its services. Technology
plays a big role in promoting efficiency. This is through making work easier. This
means that employees in an industry get equipped technologically and perform
their tasks much faster. The advancement of technology is making it possible
for an industry to work faster than before.


Eases Current Challenges:
There are many challenges
manufacturer face in their course of production. Some of these challenges can
even put manufacturing process into a half causing great damages. Solutions to
these problems usually lie in technology. You can use technology to solve the
challenges facing manufacturer. Currently, manufacturer can continue with their
manufacturing process without worrying about frequent break downs.


Improvement in Labor Efficiency: Technology has also improved the efficiency of
labor. It has increased the labor output per hour. The labor is getting better
reward. Now basic facilities like food, clothing, housing and education are


Expansion of Industry: The use of technology has expanded the industry. It
has reduced the cost of production. The goods are now available on lower
possible prices while the profit of the producer is also normal.

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