Student Name
Identification Number – AC1700976
Number and Title – Principles of public speaking (SP180)
Number – NO 7
Date of
Submission – 14/12/2017


              Good Afternoon ladies and gentlemen,
today I’m going to give a special speech which might have affected everyone
that are still in school or have graduated. So, what is this speech all about? It
is bullying in schools. Bullying is a psychologically
destructive force and is so common around the world (Thesispanda.com). Today bullying has become a very serious national
issue around the world and has been a burden to the schools, students and
parents. Realistically, there are so many
recurring causes leading to eruption of school bullying, which brings many
negative effects to children, not only child who is bullied but also bullies.
This speech explains the big problem our children are facing in their
various schools around the world when they are away from our protections and suitable
solutions to put it to a stop.

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              Bullying is a repeated and hostile
or demeaning behavior intended to cause harm, fear or distress, including
psychological harm or harm to a person’s reputation.  It often involves an
imbalance of social or physical power (Education.alberta.ca).

Verbal bullying: this happens when a person
says cruel, insensitive, disrespectful or threatening things to another person.
This could be about the individual look, personality, psychological,
disability, and race among many other things. This type of bullying can be done
easily and is very common. Secondly, physical bullying is the most well-known
and affects everyone from small children to the elderly. The definition is
quite simple, using one’s body and physical strength to exert power over peers.
Physical bullying happens every day and is a serious problem in developing
countries where slavery is still a big issue. As we are developing as a race we
are finally realizing that physical abuse is not okay to do to anyone or
anything (Ehiorobo 2012). Cyber bullying, this is a more recent type of
bullying which are very common using the social media and the internets, e.g.
Google, Facebook, WhatsApp hangout and twitter. This type of bullying is the
hardest to control and stop.

Bullying generally affect students in so many ways, some of the effects
include: post-traumatic stress disorder, suicides, anxiety, gastric problems,
loss of self-esteem, relationship problems, drug and alcohol abuse and drop out
of schools. Because of these effects it takes some of the sufferer’s years to
get back to their fits. The most drastic effect can lead to suicidal thoughts
and school shootings positive relationships (Hoover,
J.H., Oliver, R., Hazler, R.J. (1992).  So,
all these effects have caused our students to losing interest in school
and extra-curricular activities because of they have been bullied in schools

             According to the National Institute of Child
Health and Human Development study in the year 2000, 50 percent of student
interviewed stated that they were victims. My prospect of stopping
bullying is to introduce a zero-tolerance policy in schools for bullying. If
such hash punishment for any bullying is set up in schools that will
drastically help to put a stop to it. More so, teachers and parents should
engage students on programs that involves exercises and related assignments
that can teach those students that are directly involved in bullying
alternative methods of interaction. These programs can work together to create
a school climate where bullying is not tolerated (Sjostrom & Stein, 1996).

        In summary, historically and present findings
have shown that bullying affect the ability of students to progress happily in
schools and societies. I will propose that a wide-range intervention plan that
involves all students, parents, society, schools, government are necessity to
ensure that students can learn in a safe and fear-free atmosphere because our
children deserve to be able to study in a non-violent and secure learning


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The Traumatic Effects of Bullying on                                                                                                                               Children.

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library. Ps 024 450


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