I attend a private outstanding school situated in the countryside with sports fields, tennis courts, swimming pool and many other privileged things. By being given the opportunity to try different sports, subjects and hobbies it gives me a wider experimental range of things I can find I am good at and a wider knowledge of subjects and skills for later on in life, which may contribute to whether or not, I am successful in life. The teachers go that extra mile to make sure work is on time, we understand everything, we are happy.

They try their hardest to make each individual perform to the best level they personally can and teach me valuable lessons, which are the key to success. The classes in my school are smaller meaning that the teachers can speak more personally to the class giving each pupil individual attention when needed. The friendly atmosphere, the inviting di?? cor, and interesting way of teaching makes me want to go to school and learn, if I didn’t have these I may not be so eager.

Each night I return to a good family. I have healthy food which provides me with a healthy up bringing and environment and may contribute to how long I live, whether I will be prone to heart disease etc. My family support me with my schoolwork, help me with my problems and protect me from my fears. This makes me a well balanced, stable, all round person. They teach me manners and how to treat people with respect thus benefiting me when I leave home and have to cope with the big wide world alone.

I believe and hope that all these benefits will contribute to my success in life, whether success depends on luck (being in the right place at the right time) or having the qualities I have I am still not sure However other people are not as privileged as me looking at Jane Eyre she Is an orphan, taken in by her now dead uncle and more reluctantly by her unfeeling aunt. She has no blood relatives (apart from her uncle who died when he was younger) alive or if they were alive, not that she knows of.

She has never been shown any love or affection and is constantly made to feel like a rejected outsider totally unwanted and disowned for example or aunt reed told her cousin John, ‘I told you not to go no near her; she is not worthy of notice’ She is often abused violently by her cousin John, ‘my head still ached and bled with the blow and fall I had received: no one had reproved John for wantonly striking me’. Even when she is hurt there is no-one to protect her or care for her as there is for me.

It says in the text after she has been abused Mrs Reed (her aunt) has no sympathy for her and all she says was, ‘take her away to the red room, and lock her in there’. Unlike me she does not have a warm, quilted, comforting bed or even her own room, instead she is made to sleep in a cupboard in the nursery where her cousins play! ‘and now return to the nursery… and lie down a little’ Looking at Billy Casper he doesn’t have a posh large house like Jane.

He doesn’t even have the basics most people take for granted as it says, ‘there were no curtains’ and Billy and his brother even share the same bed, which is very unhygienic, the text says ‘Jud cough-coughed into his neck’ proving that they could catch germs very easily off one another. Billy has no home comforts from life, and his house is basically dull the atmosphere is described as ‘gritty texture, the bedroom as ‘gloomy’ and the temperature ‘cold’

His single parent mother doesn’t care about him or what he does, she doesn’t even make sure he has food to eat, because when Billy looks in the cupboard there is only ‘a packet of dried peas and half a bottle of vinegar’, as for that there was no other food in the house, no wonder Billy is so small. His mum doesn’t care about his education either as she asks him to go and buy her cigarettes even if it does make him late for school.

And he even tells his mum he’ll be late fro school if he doesn’t go now as he says ‘Gi’o’er now, mam, ill be late for school’ and she just replies by saying ‘you’ll be more than late, unless you do as you’re telled’. She doesn’t really bother about what he’s interested in because when Billy is telling her about Kestrels she uses a common excuse ‘I say what time is it? ‘ in order to leave to go and get ‘blind drunk’ and probably bring home another man, as she seems to bring one home nearly every night as in the morning Billy says ‘who’s that bloke?’.

Mrs Casper doesn’t even mind or discourage Billy to steal she is very laid back as she knows Billy doesn’t have any money but still returns home with a book, from where she doesn’t know it has come, she doesn’t even ask where it is from she doesn’t even care, she know Billy has stolen it. Everything she buys she says ‘just tell him to put it in t’book’ reffereing to the shopkeeper because she has no money to buy it herself and is probably in debt, she won’t pay it back.

As well as the extraordinary dire living conditions Billy also is [physically] abused by his mum sometimes she constantly swears as if it is normal language such as ‘bloody and bugger’ which is a bad influence on Billy and he has also already picked up this language as if it is normal. She makes offensive threats to Billy such as ‘il bloody murder you when you get back from school’ and she even made rude gestures with her fingers as it says ‘panting and jabbing her fingers at him’.

, She also physically hurts him as the text says ‘she still swiped him’ This is no way to bring up your son it is a bad example of parentage and if he sees his mother behaving in this violent way he will think it is aright to do so and in the future or even at school later on as we learn use it himself against other people. His brother is no better, he is not a good example at all . He swears and calls Billy offensive names such as ‘weedy little twat’ which is no good for his self confidence and isn’t pleasant at all. He also makes threats like his mother at Billy for he too says ‘ill bloody murder you when you get home’.

Jud is a lot bigger than and stronger than Billy and uses this to his advantage to hurt Billy, ‘he swung his fist under the blankets and thumped Billy in the kidneys’, ‘Jud pushed Billy onto the settee, ‘he jumped aside Billy pushing his face into the cushions and forcing his arm up his back’ All these examples make me wonder how on earth is Billy to gain success when his family doesn’t listen to him or pay any attention what so ever to him and if they do pay him attention then its bad attention of either bullying, swearing at him, abusing him or putting him down.

He has never heard a positive word said to him in his life probably. No one encourages him and tells him he can do it and he is given no affection by his family or rewards in life. Hid family can’t be bothered with him and he has to earn his own money at 14! He has a paper round which doesn’t earn him much but without it he probably wouldn’t have anything at all to eat. He steals in order to actually keep living as it says in the text about him stealing the orange cartons on from the milk man and the eggs and sweets he stole from the shop.

Billy’s mum doesn’t provide Billy with the right materials for school either as she spends all her money on drinking with the men, in football Billy even admits to his football teacher that ‘my mother wont buy me any’ refereeing to his football kit, as she thinks it is a ‘waste of money’ obviously spending her money on getting drunk, she thinks is a better use of money than her sons physical education. Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Barry Hines section. D


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