Summary: The article is about how involving a better executive and a good teamwork can help improvethe performance of company. For better results with improved strategy, the requirements are not onlyexecutives’ proper understanding and good leadership, but also a good teamwork. Author John Dyer saysthat the executives won’t support something they don’t understand, but later he says that it happensbecause it is not necessary for the executives to have a knowledge in that area and understanding theconcept and work appreciations can lead to successful and improved efforts. Author relates the samescenario with lean and six sigma initiatives saying that if the leaders are not aware of the tools andmethods which are used by the improvement team, then they will not be able to support it properly andgive a suitable response. From the mentioned incident with David Edwards, author has presented thatworking with a good team and proper teamwork in a single department helped the company with goodoutput at the end of the year, where teamwork was present in their department but wasn’t present inothers or between other departments. That lack of teamwork between all department created internaltrouble in form of jealous or something similar and it ended with termination of David, who tried creatinga god team environment.Author has given three tips for bringing executives on board, which are:1. Provide Education whenever possible: I would say that this is not a proper way to help executivesunderstanding the performance of team. Providing education is sometimes necessary but insteadof that if the company has one specific subject matter expert for each critical department, thework would become smoother than it was.2. Tie improvement efforts to strategic goals: The idea of having an accountant type resource in theimprovement team is good but most of the times it will be waste of a resource spent after theaccountant in the team. Instead of that a properly made project charter can improve everythingin a better way.3. Most executives don’t like being told what to do: It is true in one kind of way because theexecutives are the actual persons who know what the company and team has been through toreach the present successful stage. Even if they have not much of a profit in their company, theyare still here following what they believe and that can be the reason for them for not likingsomething someone else tells them to do.Getting management buy-in article citations:• Get the Boss to Buy-in, by Susan J. Ashford and James R. Detert: https://hbr.org/2015/01/getthe-boss-to-buy-in• 3 Perspectives for getting buy-in from management, by Todd Ballowe:https://onstrategyhq.com/resources/3-perspectives-for-getting-buy-in-from-management/• Getting management buy-in for your disaster recover policy, by John Hilliard:http://searchdisasterrecovery.techtarget.com/podcast/Getting-management-buy-in-for-yourdisaster-recovery-policy

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