The expansion of the use of information and communication technologies increases the role of information in people’s life and social processes, On the one hand, the amount of information software and services used is steadily increasing, on the other hand, the individuals’ dependence on this information and services is increasing,That’s why keeping information and services plays an increasingly important role.
Tabriz Municipality Data Center is a large and very secure collection that provides the necessary resources for storing and processing information as well as hosting the services used. From the point of utility, Tabriz Municipality Data Center provides all hosting services, servers, storage of all organizations and organs affiliated with Tabriz Municipality. 
This center is created in year 2010 by Tabriz Municipality Information Technology Organization and connected to its internal network or public networks used by users of the Tabriz Municipality. 
Task 2
Scope of investigation
The scope of this investigation is to find out hardware and software components used in this organization.
Hardware and Software system used
In the Tabriz Municipality Data Center various types of software and hardware to maintain all the necessary facilities in terms of security (fire fighting, earthquake prediction, flood, military attacks, traffic control, etc.), environmental facilities (cooling systems, communication infrastructure, advanced cabling , Power supply, etc.) and the necessary support facilities (secure communication network, multiple access to telecommunication infrastructures, large data storage systems, back-up, etc.).
SLA Management: By developing the procedures and processes required by users and using software to manage the SLA, and in order to use the capability of this software to register and report the quantitative / qualitative parameters of the operation of all network hardware / software equipment, the diagnosis The reason for failures and bugs and finally make quick and binding decisions to fix them.
Which operating systems are used and why
The organization uses the Linux open source , Windows Server R2 operating systems in Data Center and windows 10, in their computer systems. The main reason for Linux and Windows server in Data Center is Web Hosting Services, Web Designing, Domain Registration and DNS Services.
Available Networking Facilities
Internet / Intranet Communications:
Fiber Optic Subwoofers, Wireless, MPSL
Network: Using two Cisco Catalyst Switching Core Layers and Cisco Routers in the Edge Layer and enough Cisco Catalyst Switches in the Access Layer
Infrastructure Security: To prevent cyber attacks and data security by using various products such as:
• Juniper as a FW / UTM machine in the Edge layer
• FWSM firewall in the Access layer
• Open source Linux firewalls
Security Problems that need to be addressed
In data centers, there are usually strong security layers, it’s almost impossible to infiltrate the network even for employees at different levels of access or external users or hackers.
recent security point have been shown is through leverage Employees are in important parts of organization that create security problems by creating illegal access or giving information.
Strategies for commissioning new hardware and software system resources 
Experts in the Data Center to launch new hardware and software must follow Comprehensive Standard Development Model that has been provide as a development model before and after the creation of the Data Center.
In this research, we briefly refer to several paragraphs of the development model :
. What is the purpose of launching new system? to cover what needs, and evaluating the reasons to need a new system
. New system requirements
. Needs assessment
. The amount of compliance with existing software and hardware
. Testing of new hardware or software
impact of legal/ethical requirement
how new emerging technology might affect the organization 
Legal requirements are a framework for regulations issued by the Ministry of Information and Communication (ICT) to their affiliated organizations, which requires that they respect all rights to the operation.
Ethical requirements are considerations that employees must maintain in order to preserve the values ??of the organization by observing the unpublished principles that the inadequate use of authority is one of its most important.
how new emerging technology might affect the organization 
New technologies will affect business and organizations and most the time have benefits, it can make the work easier and faster but in some levels changes are not without negative effects. 
so admins should trace all the point of new technology before making any change in important layers.
Task 3
Outline the reason for choosing this organization
I select the Tabriz Municipality Data Center for my investigation work.The reason for choosing this organization is outlined below:
.Tabriz Municipality Data Center is one of the known organization that is responsible providing citizen’s electronic services hosting.
.Training and transferring information to customer experts at applied levels and network management and launched systems
.Technical support of comprehensive national information networks in areas such as local and broadband networks and telecommunication networks, hardware, system and application software.
How you gathered your data
I have gathered data of selected organization for investigation work, from official website and my experience as DataCenter manager and other related positions to Information Technology in this organization. 
Present a clear account of the computing and communications technology used 
User accounts in this organization are created at different levels, which are discussed in more detail below
active directory
following account have permission to manage and monitor user account access to organization network and report there activities to manager.
Represent the organization current system
Like other data centers, Tabriz Municipality Data Center uses a special topology to create a secure network, which, given the importance of the principle of confidentiality of information, is not described in this study.
Suggest the way in which computer system benefit the organization 
computer system benefits organization by using applications that tracks there duties, organizes there schedule and data, updates the sufficiency, cost, speed of operations, increases the mistakes wrongly made bay human resources during the operation.
Consider Weakness of the organization or the areas for improvement 
Tabriz Municipality Data center, in the direction of the organization task efforts to make all the supports on automation services so affiliated agencies can handle there demand with better performance.
Information gathering systems can expand service level of data centers to improve resource management.
Assess the potential effects of recent technology, if appropriate 
In this study, the Tabriz Municipality Data Center, which has been investigated in the area of Tabriz Municipality Information and Communications Authority
The potential impacts of the recent creation of this center, including the impact of municipalities, can be on smart city and e-citizen management.

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