TD 301

Audience Experience Questionnaire 2 – The

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Instructions: To complete this questionnaire you can print it out and
fill it out during intermission and/or after the performance. Do NOT take your
computer into the theatre. Do NOT have your cell phone out during the
performance. To turn the assignment in you will type up your answers so that
the form is filled out electronically and upload a Word .doc file to the
assignment in Canvas. Failure to upload the correct file means your assignment
cannot be graded and you will get an automatic zero.


Student Identification Information



(1 point)


Usman Basith







Grading TA:





Background Information About the Performance



(9 points)

Date of Performance:

November 10 2017




Michael Fry



Costume Designer:

Aaron Kubacak



Scenic Designer:

Zoe Andersen



Lighting Designer:

Mercedes McCleary



Media Designer:

Ban Campbell



Name three characters and
the actors who portrayed them:




1. Reverend Parris by


  Ismael Vallejo


2. Betty Paris by


  Milly Rangel


3. John Proctor by


  Niles Washington




Experience –



(1 point)


Explain how this theatre
going experience was different from your experience attending Anon(ymous) or
Fall for Dance:


This play is different from
Fall for Dance because there were words used by the actors. This was more like
an actual play whereas fall for dance was more of a dance performance.




Performance Description



(14 points)

Describe the performance space:








Give a detailed description of the
costumes for one of the characters listed above:


John Proctor wore baggy pants that
weren’t a vibrant color it was more neutral, and also, he had on boots that
were pretty roughed up and dirty. He also portrayed a farmer in the play.






Describe in detail 2-3 elements of the
scenic design (e.g. colors, textures, shapes, imagery, etc.):


The stage is surrounded by the
audience on three sides to display different angles and views. To give off the
impression that this play is takin in a colonial time the designer used very
little trees in the background behind the wooden beams.







Describe in detail 1-2 elements of the
lighting OR media design (e.g. colors, effects, gobos, etc.):



Lighting during this play was very
dull and dim when moving to a new scene, however the background color would
change from a neutral purple to a glowing orange to show the change in day.





Describe 1-2 minutes of on stage
action (i.e. what the actors did with their bodies/movement and/or voices):


John proctor became very dominant
and aggressive when the cop tried to take his wife to jail. This showcased his
anger in the situation.






Analysis –



(15 point)

Based on the scenic design elements
described above, what location or atmosphere do you think the scenic designer
was trying to create?


The designer was trying to create
old time colonies. This was done by incorporating a cabin and a forest





Were the scenic design elements
successful in creating the world of the play? Why or why not? (This question is
not asking if you liked the set)


Yeah, I think it was because it
really portrayed the environment where the crucible took place. Especially
through the scenery and lighting.





Describe a moment when the costumes
told a part of the story, how did they do this?


For John Proctor his raggedy clothes
showed that he was a farmer and not very well off. His outfits helped
demonstrate to us that he was not wealthy.





Based on the description provided
above of the lighting OR media design, explain the story these elements told
and analyze how these design elements communicated that part of the story:


The lighting from the background is
very important since it gave the audience the sense of what time of day it is.

This helped to clear up any confusions about the timing.






Pick one actor’s portrayal of a
character and analyze how they used their body and voice to communicate
something about that character, the world of the play, or the story:


John Proctor during his scuffle with
the sheriff used his voice to demonstrate his assertiveness. He has a very
powerful voice to help him in his feud.

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